the little white whale.” .”

the little white whale.” .”
He immediately turned his head.
Offshore, beluga whales swam to catch up, with their flexible bodies and protruding big heads emerging from the water.
I didn’t see it in the morning. Its mung bean-sized eyes have almost deteriorated. I can only rely on sound and touch to identify the direction. I really don’t know how I chased it.
/“Sir, let the motorcade stop first.”
Gabriel looked in the rearview mirror and nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie and said a few words before stopping on the side of the road.
I opened the door and got out of the car, ran over on the knee-high grass, and made an appointment with the airport for a departure time. It would be troublesome to make arrangements if I missed it, but when faced with the beluga seeing off you, you should always respond politely to it.
Beluga whales like to live in groups, but Pippi lives alone in Monterey Bay and sings to himself every morning. He is a poor and cute little guy.
After sitting on the beach, taking off his shoes and socks, and stepping into the sea water, Pippi emerged and spat as usual, flapped his fins happily, and circled in the shallow water, spraying water mist from his exhalation port to tease him.
Han Xuan touched the white whale and said, “I have to leave here for a while, but I will be back soon. If you are hungry, go to Captain Robinson. I told him that he will give you something to eat. Don’t go to the deep water, it’s boring. Just play with the bottlenose dolphins, or the green sea turtle.”
The white whale moved its head toward his calf, its cute expression unchanged. It tilted its head and saw that he didn’t bring anything to hold the fish, and its eyes fell.
Understanding what Pippi meant, he patted it on the head with a smile, pointed to the dock where the Big Penguin was docked, and waved it to go there.
The white whale turned around and swung its tail and rushed into the sea. It stood up straight and jumped down and swam forward. Seeing how slow the boy was walking, it slowed down from time to time to wait for him. It looked happy and made a lot of meaningless funny sounds.
Han Xuan had no chance to leave, and was stared at by it. He sighed, turned around, picked up his shoes, pointed to the other side, and asked his parents to wait in front. After all, he was a little guy, so there was nothing he could complain about.
The iron of the truck rattled loudly, and it went without saying that it was Pooh. It became quiet when the truck started to move.
After walking a few hundred meters with the little white whale, we came to the dock where the Big Penguin docked. Sailors were cleaning fishing nets on the shore.
/Aldrich, a strong man wearing a black tights, showing off his strong muscles, asked: “Didn’t you say I’m leaving today?” ”
It refused to let me go.”
“You mean Pippi? Haha! It can’t poop in the water. Is it because you can’t let it go? I’ll get rid of it.”
With a smile on his face, Aldrich stood up and walked to the Big Penguin, shouting to attract the beluga’s a