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The technology you are talking about is just a low-end stealth technology. We have always believed that the propagation of light has rules and it is difficult to change it. Recently, the research team I participated in developed a new grid-shaped material. It is possible to change the propagation path of light, but it is not mature yet. Just like placing a stone in a stream, the stream will continue to move forward around the stone. The working principle of the invisibility cloak is basically similar to it, and can guide the light that shines in other directions. This technology has been successful in the laboratory, but it is still a long way from practical application. I sponsored eight million US dollars in research funds to try to create a huge mirage. ”
Isabelle is an out-and-out little rich woman. Now the assets of her banana investment company are constantly rising. Han Xuan has helped her invest in many good projects, such as drugstore chains, clothing companies, game companies, etc.
/She also holds a part of The shares of the super-large copper, gold, and silver associated mine have not yet begun to be mined stably. But as time goes by, the mining time is getting closer, and the price of copper has begun to rise, and the value of that mine has doubled. A lot, she must have made a lot of money.
Putting aside these industries that belong to her, Isabelle’s parents are also super rich, and they are destined not to worry about money in this life. When it comes to these scientific research topics that interest her, she suddenly talks a lot. Young Master.
Guo Muzhou was listening with interest, and then told him: “Then, wouldn’t it be possible to build a skyscraper that people can’t see?
/“It’s true, but it can easily cause disasters, such as a helicopter crashing into it, etc. ” ”
Han Xuan thought for a while and found that a building like that seemed cool, and continued to say to Isabelle: “You guys try to research in this area. If such a skyscraper can really be built, I might give it a try.
” People inside were chatting, and they were still energetic in the early morning. In the sealed cabin of the plane, there was not much to do except chatting and watching movies.
possible to acquire so many shares in such a short period of time. , far exceeding Han Xuan’s expectations, which made him have a new understanding of his own strength. Such veteran giants have surrendered in front of him, and there seems to be nothing particularly difficult in the world.
As a price for getting so many shares, Han Xuan paid of cash and a small amount of Blueberry Group stock, with a total amount of more than 50 billion U.S. dollars. Now he controls Time Warner Group. Mr. Si has successfully gained a say in this company.
The reason why he holds more than half of the shares is because a fund management company that is deeply involved in the Internet crisis has agreed to sell him 6.6% of the shares of Time Warner Group. Officially acquired Time Warner with absolute advantage.
After hanging up the phone