izer spread on the pasture land could dissolve so that the alfalfa could better absorb it.

izer spread on the pasture land could dissolve so that the alfalfa could better absorb it.
/Just after the aphid disaster passed, we sprayed sulfur mixed with water to kill them completely. Occasionally, we could only see some larvae in the corners of the leaves, but they could not become atmospheric. Spraying them again would be enough.
Downy mildew has also gotten better, at least the infected area has not expanded. The branches and leaves that were infected before have turned yellow, and the white spots have gradually disappeared.
The surrounding farmers came to Snow Mountain Ranch to learn from their experience. They were not as courageous as Father Han and secretly used some pesticides. Anyway, by the time the cows grow up, the harmful substances absorbed would have long been undetectable.
Han Xuan was a little distracted while eating breakfast.
The mother thought that he was too tired from watching the game yesterday and had not recovered all night. She smiled and asked Joanna to boil two eggs to supplement her son’s nutrition.
The situation was not what she thought, but Han Xuan felt that he had forgotten something.
It wasn’t until I saw the landline phone on the table that I remembered that I should have called my grandpa yesterday. After arriving home in the evening, they were busy building Snoopy’s nest, and both father and son forgot about it.
Snoopy is the name given by Joanna to the Alaskan Malamute. Anyway, we already have Winnie the Pooh, and one more cartoon animal is not much.
Han Xuan feels that the name is quite suitable now, but when the sled dog grows up, it will not suit the occasion.
So Snoopy was called Snoopy.
As expected, Jigglypuff was in a mood and ran away from home since last night and did not show up all night.
However, Han Xuan was not worried about it. When it was time to eat, the error would not exceed five minutes, and it would naturally appear obediently.
Sitting on the sofa, I originally wanted to cross my legs over the coffee table, but I tried several times without touching anything. I remembered that I still have short legs, so I found a comfortable position and nestled in the pillow. I reached out and picked up the phone next to me. Press the shortcut key “1” to dial grandpa’s home phone.
“Hello? Who are you looking for?”
An old voice came from the receiver. Han Xuan was very familiar with it. He could often hear it in Beverly Hills. It was the British butler Adolf.
“Good morning, Mr. Adolf, where is my grandpa?”
“You too.”
A laugh with a British accent came out, and the old butler continued: “The boss is in the garage getting ready to go to the company. Do you want me to call him for you?”
“Is it troublesome?” Han Xuan asked, “Otherwise, we can call his office later.” ”
Han Xuan listened carefully to his grandfather’s words, and even though he knew he couldn’t see, he nodded seriously: “I understand, I will study during this time.”
“It’s okay. Your grandpa didn’t go to bed until very late yesterday waiting for the call. , the company see