ss’s wife. The boss was infected when the plague first started and gradually turned into a zombie. The boss’s wife tied him up on the second floor at that time. On the bed, but still couldn’t bear to hack him to death.

The person who went to the small supermarket in search of food and drinks was also the proprietress. Today, after the proprietress cooked a pack of instant noodles, the zombie-turned-proprietor suddenly broke the rope and rushed up from the second floor.
/In the past two days, the boss lady may have had a premonition that the zombie-turned-boss would break free from the rope that bound him, so she pulled a rope by the window in advance so that she could escape from the third floor at any time, but she failed to escape successfully. Her attachment to family ultimately killed her.
Regardless of the above possibility, Liu Qian finally found the real reason why the proprietress escaped, and also found out the truth about the appearance of zombies in the hardware store.
Liu Gan’s purpose in deducing all this was not to be bored, but to thoroughly investigate possible safety hazards in the three-story building so that he could spend his first night in the trembling world safely.
After checking the second floor, Liu Qian went down to the first floor of the hardware store. The layout of the first floor is with a counter in front and a small warehouse in the back. The counter and warehouse are filled with all kinds of small commodities such as water, electricity, hardware, but there are also no traces of zombies. Everything seems very quiet. It seems that this three-story small building The building is indeed safe now.
/The rolling shutter door on the first floor is locked. Even if the lock is opened from the inside, a key is still required. Although Liu Gan can use brute force to force it open, doing so is likely to make a loud noise and cause Pay attention to the zombies hiding nearby; in addition, once the lock is broken, the rolling shutter will be scrapped and will no longer be able to protect them.
So Liu Gan returned to the third floor, put the rope down again, and then climbed down along the rope. After descending to the ground, he held back his nausea and searched the bodies of the five fallen zombies. On one of them, A bunch of keys were found in the zombie’s pocket, and another zombie had a bunch of keys hanging on his waistband.
The zombie with the keys hanging on its waistband had obvious strangulation marks on its wrists and ankles. This seemed to confirm Liu Qian’s previous speculation, so Liu Qian could almost conclude that the owner of this bunch of keys was the owner of the hardware store, and he The bunch of keys on the waistband should be able to open the rolling shutter door on the first floor.
The female boss should also have the keys to the hardware store, so the torn women’s clothes on the ground may also have the keys to the hardware store wrapped around them, but these torn clothes were mixed with a pool of stinky internal organs and corpses, and Liu I really don’t want