ship in the first place?” Liu Qian thought for a while and asked Zhang Shengli a few more questions.

ship in the first place?” Liu Qian thought for a while and asked Zhang Shengli a few more questions.
“I was interrogating them. Before I could question them in detail, I followed Mr. Liu and you guys to escape. If I had known that this information was so important, I should have interrogated them earlier.” Zhang Shengli looked a little embarrassed.
/“It’s okay, I’m just asking casually. After today’s events, I’m going to Qingpu Port anyway. No matter what the current situation of Serenity is, since there is a large amount of ammunition and food supplies on board, we must definitely take Serenity Take it down.” Liu Qian replied to Zhang Shengli.
To survive in the apocalypse, if you establish a force, you will inevitably have an incompatible relationship with other forces. Even if the Serenity camp did not plan to ambush Liu Qian this time, Liu Qian would seize Serenity from them. , not to mention these people took the initiative to provoke Liu Qian, Liu Qian was naturally even less likely to let them go.
After seizing Serenity, whether the players and survivors inside will be killed or left will depend on their attitudes.
“Master Liu, you must take me with you when you go to Qingpu Port,” Zhang Shengli mentioned to Liu Qian.
“Shhh” Yinhe pointed to the sky and signaled Zhang Shengli not to speak again.
The rumble of heavy aircraft came from a distance. Liu Qian and Zhang Shengli quickly stopped talking and hid in the cave without moving.
A huge searchlight shone down from the sky, and the area it illuminated was as bright as day. However, the jungle was so large that it missed the area where the three people were hiding. The aircraft hovered over the jungle for a few minutes. He flew away into the distance, and Yinhe’s tense expression relaxed.
“They have left, and they are far away.” Yinhe said to Liu Gan.
“What force do these armored warriors belong to? Can you get some information?” Liu Gan asked Yinhe.
“I did find some information. There are some records about this in the memory of this body. They have a mothership in the deep space of the universe. It should have been parked there for a long time. These armored warriors take aircraft to the ground to perform various tasks. , such as supervising some laboratories that are still running,” Yinhe said to Liu Qian after reading the relevant data.
“Their mothership is a spaceship? So their technology should be very advanced, right? Why can’t they detect us while we are hiding here?” Liu Qian couldn’t help but wonder.
The behavior of these armored warriors is a bit weird. Some aspects of their technology are advanced, but some aspects are inexplicably backward.
For example, in terms of detection, they seemed to be searching entirely by sight. When they were in the building, Liu Qian and Zhang Shengli were able to avoid their search by hiding under the bed. Such backward detection technology also made Liu Qian a little drunk.
The aircraft’s exploration in the sky just now failed to find the three of them. You must know that in the real world,