he bridge, the entire bridge was filled with smoke. There is a very pungent smell in the air.

he bridge, the entire bridge was filled with smoke. There is a very pungent smell in the air.
/After the players and survivors returned to the bridge, they looked a little silent when they saw the player who fell from an altitude of more than 40 meters and bled all over the ground.
Although I have become accustomed to life and death these days, every time I see someone around me die, I still feel a sense of sadness. Who knows whether the next one to die will be me? Moreover, when they were at high altitude, almost most people felt dizzy, their hands and feet were weak, and it only took a moment for them to fall.
Led by Liu Qian and Yinhe, the group carefully arrived near the fire barrier area, which was still smoking. Hundreds of corpses were piled up in the charred corpse mountain that stretched for more than 100 meters in front and behind the fire barrier area. It looked very strange. It’s infiltration. If it were not the end of the world, this scene would definitely make people mistakenly think that a war, massacre, or the like had occurred in the real world.
After climbing over this rather large mountain of scorched corpses, the players and survivors walked towards the other side of the river along the cracked bridge. At this moment, the bridge deck began to shake again, and the steel beams seemed to be crooked again. It fell a little, and all the slings made a scary “click” sound. It felt like this half of the bridge might collapse at any time!
Several players who had just survived dizziness from high altitude, especially the 18 or 19-year-old player who just cried loudly and said he missed his parents at high altitude, could no longer bear this huge psychological pressure at this time. Running wildly towards the other side of the bridge, these players immediately triggered a group effect as soon as they started running, and other players and survivors also started running wildly.
Only a few players such as Zhang Shengli, Wang Decheng, and Han Guangming still maintained the same speed as Liu Qian, and then were pulled behind.
/“Stop everyone! Stay in formation! Don’t run around!” Liu Gan yelled to the front. Some players and survivors stopped after hearing his yell, but those who ran to the front , there was only panic in my heart, and only the whistling wind in my ears, and I didn’t hear Liu Gan’s roar at all.
Just when the players who rushed to the front were about to arrive near the approach bridge and were about to rush off the bridge, a large jet of black liquid with extremely pungent smell suddenly sprayed in the air in front of them. The 18 or 19-year-old player in front couldn’t avoid it and was sprayed. He immediately covered his face and screamed.
“There’s an ambush!” The player who was following him a few meters behind seemed to understand something, and immediately put up a simple shield to protect himself, and then pulled the eighteen or nineteen-year-old player back. After seeing them retreating under the attack, everyone quickly retreated to Liu Qian’s side, but soon the two player