ison wall. Zombies, so they subconsciously gathered here.

ison wall. Zombies, so they subconsciously gathered here.
After coming together, these zombies also smelled the fresh scent of flesh and blood inside the high wall, and they gathered together with the two thousand zombies that had originally gathered around the high wall, and started a new behavior of building ladders.
/After more than 4,000 new zombies were added, the total number reached more than 6,000. The efficiency of building human ladders in the tower was obviously much higher than before. Soon, in a place where there were many zombies, a human ladder broke through the high wall. At a height, several zombies roared and climbed up the high wall one after another. Zhang Shengli had no choice but to lead people to rush over, wielding a fire ax and kill the zombies on the spot.
The sound of fighting attracted other zombies near the nearby high wall. They set up ladders even more frantically. More zombies climbed up the high wall. Zhang Shengli and others could hardly hold on to the high wall here. As a last resort, he threw a grenade down, and it exploded at the foundation of the ladder. After a burst of blood and flesh, he finally dealt with the fierce attack of the zombies.
In order to prevent the zombies from gathering too concentrated outside a certain high wall, Zhang Shengli had to arrange all available personnel on the high wall. According to the distribution of zombies outside, he assigned the guards to stand on the high wall at different locations. Shouting loudly, attracting and distracting the attention of these zombies, preventing them from gathering too much and preventing the ladder from piling up too high.
At the same time, Zhang Shengli also asked the women to make some Molotov cocktails using gasoline and empty beer bottles in the warehouse to replace the small number of grenades and carry out burning attacks on places where zombies are concentrated. However, the reserve of glass bottles in the prison is limited. One team member was so clever that he used his lunch box to pump gasoline and poured it over the high wall. As a result, he accidentally burned himself into a burning man. The person who went to rescue was also burned and had to retreat. Go and watch the team member scream and fall to the ground with severe burns.
Zhang Shengli quickly stopped the team members’ gasoline attack. Gasoline is a very dangerous thing. After many ignition points appeared outside the prison, if he continued to play with gasoline like this, he would probably not burn the zombies outside, but would burn his own people alive in the prison. died.
As the attention of the zombies outside the high wall was attracted by the players on the high wall, they all crowded around the high wall, and there were more and more places to set up ladders, making Zhang Shengli feel that he was defenseless.
Soon another human ladder broke through the defense of the high wall. Several zombies roared and climbed up the wall. Zhang Shengli had no choice but to throw a grenade and blow up the human ladder.
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