e left alive and fighting beside Liu Gan.

e left alive and fighting beside Liu Gan.
Liu Qian had watched an American TV series “The Walking Dead” in the real world before. The zombies in it all walked at a very slow speed. Even if they saw humans, they would only walk slowly to catch up with their prey. Therefore, as long as ordinary people can By running, you can easily escape from the zombies.
But the world of Thriller is different. All zombies can run, and their running speed even slightly exceeds their maximum speed as humans. Once they smell the smell of fresh flesh and blood, they will rush over at high speed like a cheetah, and then Fighting fiercely and clawing and biting without fear of death.
“Everyone throw away the backpacks that cannot be carried! Once you are exhausted, throw away all the backpacks! Come on the bridge with me! If you want to survive, you must follow me! After we reach the main bridge, we pile up the cars on the bridge. , Temporarily stop the zombie tide!” Liu Gan shouted to the players while observing the surrounding situation while killing zombies.
The situation is much more severe than expected. In order to save life, some things must be given up.
Liu Qian brandished a fire ax and worked hard with Yinhe to chop down the scattered zombies wandering over the approach bridge, then rushed toward the main deck of the bridge. There happened to be a car accident at the confluence of the left and right approach bridges and the main bridge. A cement tanker and a large truck collided with each other, almost blocking most of the bridge deck. It was a relatively good place to set up a roadblock.
After Liu Gan observed the surrounding situation, he and Yinhe quickly cleared away the nearby zombies, and summoned all the players and survivors who had followed them to push another large truck nearby to the scene of the car accident. , I want to completely seal the bridge here to temporarily block the tide of corpses that have begun to rush up from the approach bridges on the left and right sides.
“Wait for us!”
Several injured players and survivors who were dragged behind ran towards this side desperately, shouting loudly to everyone pushing the cart. A few meters behind them was a wave of corpses swarming up, and all of them were Started running. Once the car blocks the bridge, they will be blocked outside the roadblock, and one can imagine the fate that awaits them.
“Waiting for them?” Others have been looking at Liu Gan. Now not only the players, but also the survivors who are still alive unconsciously regard him as the leader.
/“Can’t wait any longer!” Liu Qian observed the situation over there and sighed. If he waited any longer, the dozens of people who rushed up would die without a burial place. After hearing the order, everyone increased their efforts and overturned the large truck pushing next to the cement tank truck, completely sealing the bridge deck which was not too wide.
/For safety reasons, after overturning the large truck, everyone worked together to push several small cars over and block the roadblock b