p from the ground. At this time, Chen Haiwang’s main soul was in a completely comatose state and could only be controlled by Sanada Ryoko.

p from the ground. At this time, Chen Haiwang’s main soul was in a completely comatose state and could only be controlled by Sanada Ryoko.
Fortunately, the real control is still in Liu Gan’s hands. If Sanada Ryoko wants to take the opportunity to do something, Liu Gan can regain control of Chen Haiwang’s body at any time, and even take the opportunity to seal Sanada Ryoko’s soul.
“I’m going to release the virus!” Ryoko Sanada took out a small green bottle from the suitcase and said to Liu Gan.
/“Go.” Liu Qian nodded.
Sanada Ryoko walked a few steps and then came back, turning her head to look at Liu Gan.
“What’s the matter?” Liu Qian asked Sanada Ryoko.
“You have been thinking about the black bottle for almost a whole day. What are you hesitating about?” Ryoko Sanada couldn’t help but asked Liu Gan, risk? Isn’t it just a matter of sacrificing a follower? As for thinking so much?
“What you don’t understand is that it is the last remaining human struggle in my heart.” Liu Gan looked at the lights of the Holy City in the distance and shook his head.
“Well, it seems that I still don’t understand human nature well enough.” Ryoko Sanada asked no more questions, turned around and walked towards the street.
Chen Haiwang has now become a big man, more than two meters tall. Sneaking is definitely impossible, and Sanada Ryoko doesn’t want to do that.
After she opened the green bottle, she raised her head and poured the virus liquid inside into her mouth. Then she rushed into the nearest house and bitten them all to the ground amidst the screams of the family of three.
/Liu Qian could see this scene clearly through Chen Haiwang’s vision.
It’s unsightly! I can’t bear to see it!
Although Liu Qian has always been hard-hearted, he never thought that one day he would become an accomplice of zombies, release zombie viruses in human society, and turn these poor citizens into zombies one by one.
Ordinary zombie viruses attack quickly. After this family of three were bitten to death, they resurrected and turned into zombies within a few minutes. After they turned into zombies, Liu Qian could pass through the virus nest in Chen Haiwang’s brain. The connection between the three zombies and the virus’ mother nest was clearly sensed.
Sure enough, a strange energy was also introduced into the virus mother nest from this connection. Liu Qian could also mobilize this strange energy through Chen Haiwang. It should be the energy of faith that Ryoko Sanada said. ?
Yun Zhouyang uses drugs to stimulate the rapid aging of these citizens, releasing excess psychic energy in advance, and using this to enhance his strength and use it to deal with Ryoko Sanada. To defeat Yun Zhouyang and prevent him from becoming powerful, Sanada is the only one at present. Ryoko’s solution.
Under the control of Ryoko Sanada, three zombies sneaked into three other households respectively. Before the three households could react, they killed all three households and infected them. One person infected several, and the situation developed. It