separating the inside and outside.

The wind became violent as soon as it appeared, sweeping into the hearts of the “Saint of Secrets” and the “Saint of Darkness”.
“Manipulator”, “Psychic Storm”.
Faced with the mental impact of this complicated thought, Botis not only did not feel surprised or panicked, but also curled up the corners of his mouth and showed a slight smile.
/As a “reset” switch, he naturally remembered that the demigod riding the pumpkin carriage had a helper of the same level, hiding somewhere outside the apartment in disrepair.
The reason why he still focuses on the enemy on the surface is to draw out the lurking demigod!
During the interval between the “restart of destiny” and the “state of evil”, Botis quietly performed a “hypnosis” on himself, allowing himself to naturally differentiate into extreme forms when encountering “mental deprivation” or a torrent of information. Most of the “Star Worms” are responsible, leaving a small amount to control the body and lock on the “invisible” enemy.
——The previous shock of the dragon’s power and the fact that the target could not be found convinced Botis that what was hidden was a demigod from the “spectator” path.
While his thoughts were paralyzed and blocked, several small branches were running quickly, helping Botis initially find the source of the attack.
But at this time, most of the thoughts echoing in the “Star Worm” were not as meaningless torrent of information as he thought.
In his mind, there seemed to be a voice saying thousands of words in one second:
/“At the bottom of an abandoned castle in Delaire Forest, there is a double bronze door. It seals the pollution in the ground. The closer you are to a higher sequence, the more susceptible you are to it…
“The starry sky is very dangerous, and there are unknown beings watching…
“The ‘Dark Angel’ is suspected to be the separated negative personality of the ancient Sun God…
What? Botis was stunned for a moment, feeling that these thoughts were dangerous and made people want to know more.
Just for a moment, the enemy he had found disappeared again, out of his attention, and the palm of the “god” that grabbed the pumpkin carriage and the female demigod also became sluggish.
Similarly, “Dark Saint” Kosma was also affected by the ‘Psychic Storm’, and his movements froze for a second.
By the time they recovered, Cattleya had opened her mouth and spit out a pea.
The pea grew instantly and turned into thick green vines, lifting Cattleya to the door, allowing her to get rid of the shackles of darkness and regain a certain degree of freedom of movement.
When the dark giant sword of the “Dark Saint” and the dark arm of the “Secret Saint” fell on her body respectively, they only shattered the shadow and failed to hurt the “occultist”.
At this time, Cattleya is the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, something that does not exist at all, so naturally she will not be traumatized!
The next second, the body of this lady wearing a purple-striped black robe and a dark hood suddenly became trans