this made him feel a little bit difficult. Liu Qian actually grabbed the heavy shield with one hand and threw it towards him!

this made him feel a little bit difficult. Liu Qian actually grabbed the heavy shield with one hand and threw it towards him!
Liu Qian did not answer Zhao Yu’s question, but took out all the weapons and equipment in other glass cabinets.
“What a good shield!” Zhao Yu stroked the heavy shield that glowed dark silver in his hand, as if he were stroking his beloved woman, feeling extremely excited in his heart.
/Zhao Yu’s previous heavy shield had been extremely distressed after it was damaged in the competition arena. That shield had accompanied him through many battles. He regarded it as life. After it was damaged, his combat power was reduced by at least half.
This heavy shield made of semi-energetic material is obviously several levels higher in quality than his previous main shield. In other words, it is not from the same technological plane at all. In addition, it has now reached level 16. , after holding this shield in hand, Zhao Yu suddenly regained his confidence in himself.
As a Paladin, how could he not have a shield? How could there not be a heavy shield of such noble quality?
“Knight, this is your armor.” Liu Qian threw another set of heavy armor to Zhao Yu.
“Ah” Zhao Yu subconsciously reached out to pick up the heavy armor, but he was almost knocked to the ground again.
The shiny armor also shines with a dark silver luster. Like the heavy shield in his hand, it is also made of semi-energy material. Like the heavy shield, the heavy armor is also a must-have for a knight. How can one be called a knight if he has a heavy shield but no heavy armor? How can he be called a Paladin?
“Brother Liu! From now on, Zhao Yu will be ruined and will follow Brother Liu to the death!” Zhao Yu threw down the heavy armor and shield in his hand and bowed his head to Liu Qian again.
“I have no use for these things at all. They are just right for you. Don’t put any psychological pressure on you.” Liu Qian collected all the weapons and equipment and helped Zhao Yu up from the ground.
After returning to the ground, Liu Qian gave another set of heavy armor to Emiya Jian, and also gave her a heavy two-handed sword. After receiving such a precious gift, Emiya Jian was a little distracted for a while. After Zhao Yu After reacting to the reminder, he also bowed down to Liu Qian with red eyes.
After the two people put on the full set of equipment, they were like two humanoid tanks. With their own abilities, they could form a third line of defense in front of Liu Qian and Anna, in addition to the energy wall and ice wall. Hunting mutated energy zombies will be much safer than before. Even if the cooling time of the energy wall and ice wall has not expired, they can be placed in front for buffering.
However, after the two of them were fully armed, their actions became a little difficult. Zhao Yu could not swing the shield in his hands freely, and Emiya Ken could not swing the sword in his hands freely.
“This set of equipment should only be used by level 17 players. Our level is too low. It’s a waste of Brother