cks. The armor was shattered and the fog armor was about to be destroyed!

cks. The armor was shattered and the fog armor was about to be destroyed!
Zhao Yu, whose eyes were red, rushed over, and his heavy shield knocked away Yang Shi, who was about to attack Wei Gong’s sword.
“Wind blade twisting cage!”
Jiang Shuishui took the opportunity to launch her strongest combat skill at Emiya Sword. A wind cage formed by a whirlwind completely enveloped Emiya Sword, with countless rotating wind blades inside. , quickly drained the last fog armor of Emiya Sword.
Liu Gan rushed over and struck Jiang Shuishui with the big ax in his hand. Pusheng Monkey finally saw this opportunity, and the dagger in his hand was as fast as lightning, and stabbed Liu Gan in the back with a powerful ‘back stab’ !
‘Ding dong dong dong’
Another smoke grenade was opened and thrown to the ground. All parties involved in the melee were trapped in the black mist for an instant. In order to prevent the other party from getting caught in the black mist, personnel from both sides retreated to the rear. , temporarily separated to both sides of the competition ground.
“Are you okay?” Zhao Yu asked Wei Gongjian with concern.
“I’m fine, Liu saved me just now.” Wei Gongjian’s face turned a little pale, looking like he was in shock.
“He and the others…” Zhao Yu looked at the black mist in front of him, his eyes looking complicated.
“They don’t seem to be able to hold on.” Wei Gongjian looked around, but did not see Liu Qian and Anna.
“Is everything okay?” Jiang Shuishui asked the people around him after hurriedly exiting the black mist.
“What can happen to me?” Pu Sheng Monkey said in a very arrogant tone.
/“We’re fine.” Yang Ji answered Jiang Shuishui.
“I’m here.” Wang An also answered Jiang Shuishui.
“Hey! Where is my mother-in-law?” Pusheng Monkey looked around.
“Here we are.” The panda came around from the side of the black mist with a look of disgrace. The armor on his body was in tatters, and he was obviously attacked.
“It’s useless. Everyone else is fine, but you were beaten.” Pu Sheng Monkey looked unhappy.
The panda glanced at the Pusheng Monkey angrily, then walked to the edge of the competition arena and sat down.
“In this battle, we seem to have a great advantage! I should have killed the Virgin Bitch’s woman!” After Jiang Shuishui checked his own situation, he couldn’t help but be very happy.
“Well, I just ‘backstabbed’ and ‘cut their throats’ and seriously injured several of them!” Pu Sheng Monkey was obviously asking for credit from Jiang Shuishui.
/The black mist in the center of the competition ground blocked the two sides in the fierce fight. Because of the fight just now, the superpowers needed to cool down, the damaged armor needed to be replaced, and the strength was too much and they needed to take a breather. The two sides temporarily stopped fighting and stayed on their own side. On the other side, they discussed the gains and losses in front of them and discussed the tactics behind them.
A few minutes later, the black fog in the center of the competition are