usting! Liu Qian was not interested in killing it over and over again, wasting his fog armor in vain, and then not getting any experience points.

usting! Liu Qian was not interested in killing it over and over again, wasting his fog armor in vain, and then not getting any experience points.
In one minute, everyone ran at full speed, covering a distance of more than a thousand meters, and then hid in a house by the lake.
“The crocodile head should be an advanced monster. It is a little weaker than Mr. Liu, but much stronger than us. We have no chance of fighting it.” Cai Haochen concluded a few words.
“You don’t get experience points if you can’t kill it. Maybe it’s because you haven’t found the right way to kill it.” Liu Kang guessed a few words.
“Is it necessary to kill it enough times to gain experience points?” Anna also guessed.
“I don’t want to try it out so boringly. This thing is so disgusting!” Liu Gan shook his head. He didn’t think the strength of this crocodile-headed monster was inferior to his, and after killing it, nothing like the big bear happened. The shape changed, so he didn’t think that killing it a few more times would kill it.
“Wan’er! Where are you?”
While everyone was talking, a shout and footsteps suddenly came from outside.
“Isn’t the crocodile-headed monster chasing me?” Yu Xing turned pale with fright.
“This is the sound of people walking, okay? And there are shouts, haven’t you heard?” Anna glanced at Yu Xing with disdain, then looked out from the window.
Someone actually walked over from a distance. She was a young woman. She was wearing very clean clothes and a black professional suit. She looked like a white-collar worker in an office. However, her eyes were a little blank. The walk also seemed a bit aimless.
“Don’t mess with her, she must be a ghost! It’s impossible for a normal person to appear here!” Yu Xing muttered to Anna in a low voice, and then tried to pull Anna away from the window.
“Master Liu, this man is so strange. Why is he here?” Anna turned around and asked Liu Gan, who came over and stood behind her.
/Liu Qian also saw the woman by the window. Although he felt that the woman was strange, Liu Qian suspected that she might be related to the mission of this copy, so he decided to go out and have a look and ask the woman.
Anna wanted to go take a look with Liu Gan, but Cai Haochen and the others stopped her and told her not to take risks. It was really weird for such a woman to appear in such a place.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” Liu Gan stopped the woman and asked her.
“Liu Qian is so tough. Isn’t that woman going to turn into a ghost and suddenly eat Master Liu?” The team members in the room began to discuss in a low voice.
“It’s better to feed it to her than to sister Anna,” Jin Xiaofei joked.
“Yes.” A group of team members laughed unceremoniously.
“You guys, be quiet! What a quality!” Cai Haochen whispered to stop the team members. They dared to joke at this time, which made Cai Haochen feel speechless.
The woman obviously heard Liu Gan’s question and raised her head to glance at Liu Gan, but her eyes still looked a little blank and she did not answer Liu Gan’s question