rag on for ten days and a half.

rag on for ten days and a half.
“It’s hard to say. It will definitely not work today, and I’m afraid it won’t be possible to arrange tomorrow. As for when it can be arranged, we can only wait for notification.” The other party continued in a formulaic tone.
“It can’t be arranged, right? Get me through General Zheng in the northern theater! I want him to talk to me in person!” Zheng Wenshuo, the third generation ancestor, lost his temper.
“General Zheng? Who are you?” The operator finally paid more attention to this sentence.
“I am his grandson! His own grandson! Zheng Wenshuo! If there is anything wrong with me, I will send you all to a military court!” Zheng Wenshuo roared domineeringly.
“Okay, wait a moment, I’ll transfer it to you right now.” The operator quickly threw the hot potato away.
Later events proved that the identity of General Zheng’s grandson was indeed quite useful. General Zheng did not personally talk to Zheng Wenshuo. It was General Zheng’s personal bodyguard who arranged the rescue on behalf of General Zheng. Although the front line was very tight, a medium-sized rescue helicopter was still dispatched and was expected to arrive at Binghu Town in an hour.
Even after an hour, Liu Qian was still a little anxious. Now he was the only one who knew that thousands of snow-spotted zombies on the snow-capped mountains were marching crazily towards Ice Lake Town. He didn’t want to tell the people around him yet, lest they panic needlessly.
If the rescue helicopter fails to arrive on time, there will be no place to hide in Ice Lake Town under the overwhelming search and attack of thousands of snow-spotted zombies. Even the underground warehouse of Ice Lake Villa cannot resist their attacks.
Moreover, Liu Qian felt that those pure white zombies, whose strength may be equivalent to advanced zombies, already have a certain IQ. They seemed to have some kind of spiritual connection with the mysterious eye on the snow peak. Maybe Zheng Wenshuo was previously The trap set by the snow-spotted zombies was trapped under the command of the mysterious eye.
/The Mysterious Eye may control and direct all zombies like the Zerg’s mother nest, and these pure white zombies may command the entire zombie group in place of the Mysterious Eye, and may even use spiritual attacks. When he was in Tranquility City, Liu Qian had already felt that the attack power of the spiritual system was much more powerful than that of the physical system, including his own spiritual impact. Even players of the same level as him would often attack him in the spirit system. Caught off guard by the impact, he said, thinking that the mental attacks of these pure white zombies must not be too weak.
While waiting for the rescue helicopter to arrive, Liu Qian himself also changed into military uniforms and asked Wang Shang to make various preparations. All his dozen brothers put on military uniforms and assault rifles and packed them to carry supplies, set a trap, and once the rescue helicopter comes, immediately hijack the driver and