lion, so what if we give it to you, Wen Jing, the thing you’re studying is a bottomless pit!”

lion, so what if we give it to you, Wen Jing, the thing you’re studying is a bottomless pit!”
“Oh~” Wen Jing’s eyes darkened with disappointment, “I just wanted to Set up the laboratory first, otherwise with the slow speed in China, it will be too late by the time they make up their minds.”
/Li Wei asked with interest, “Uncle didn’t try his best?”
Wen Jing shook her head and said in disappointment. He said: “Abandoning IBM’s glass platter technology and reorganizing Great Wall Hard Drive Company is equivalent to admitting the mistakes of past decisions! The other party cannot compromise so quickly!”
“Hello everyone, this is really good!” Li Wei’s face showed sarcasm. With an expression on her face, “Wen Jing, the general environment is like this. No matter how capable my uncle is, he can’t change anything. This matter has been delayed for some time! Unless”
Wen Jing approached Li Wei and asked expectantly: “Unless “What?”
“Unless someone pushes me from behind.”
Wen Jing was silent for a while, then murmured: “Zhao Song”
“It’s actually quite interesting. Several girls of the same age in our compound know this man, so why don’t you help me?” , but they are all trying to trick him!
Li Wei, how much have you tricked him?”
“.” Li Wei lowered his head and said nothing.
“Zhao Song said he wanted to grab time, but what you got from him was enough for him to find a big local agency in the United States! They can do more than you!”
“Domestic…” Li Wei said nothing. Complete, it was interrupted.
“In China, even without your family’s relationship, who would dare to stop Tesla from exporting and earning foreign exchange?” During the exchange with Li Wei one night, Wen Jing took the initiative for the first time.
“At worst, I’ll pay him back,” Li Wei muttered.
Looking at Li Wei, who was a little unable to express what she meant, Wen Jing felt extremely comfortable all over, and felt a little bit secretive again.
I won’t make hard and fast rules for you in this regard. You need to make adjustments yourself. However, if the brain is always in a state of tension due to lack of sleep, the consequences will be serious in the long run! ”
Ding Tao said anxiously: “Boss, I…”
Zhao Song waved his hand and interrupted Ding Tao, “You and others should also mention this. What the company needs is employees who can improve their time utilization, not employees who can improve their time utilization. People who trade their lives for benefits, if they can’t do it, get out of here as soon as possible! ”
After saying this, Zhao Song changed hands and left. He was really angry. This is a fucking industrial company, not an Internet company. Even if he sleeps for 8 hours, there are still 16 hours a day. He is
still in Kyoto.
Chen Qiao, who was working with the newly established Biyu Company, suffered from a heart disease that would cause him to retire in the future because of his sleep state.
He did not want the future Tesla executives to be a bunch of sick people! “Xiao Wu, who was carrying two pots of gr