You can only choose to keep all or not keep all.

As soon as the “winner” Enuni, who looked like Gehrman Sparrow, was outlined, he faced the glass window and said in a low voice:
“I’ve fulfilled my promise.”
A figure instantly appeared on the glass window.
He was wearing a robe with a black background and red stripes, and his hood was casually worn, revealing a face with soft lines, brownish skin, and lackluster color. He was the “gatekeeper” possessed by Sauron Einhorn Medici.
“Well done.” The young man came down from the window and said with a smile.
/Upon hearing this, Klein took out something from his pocket, raised the corners of his mouth, and responded happily:
“You did a good job too.”
As he spoke, he breathed into the monocle in his hand and put it on his left eye.
Soren Einhorn Medici’s smile suddenly solidified.
For a moment, the cold night became extremely hot, as if invisible magma was surging.
However, everything quickly returned to normal.
The “Red Angel” evil spirit looked at Klein up and down, then smiled as if nothing happened:
“I repeat, you have a gift for being a provocateur.
“When Zaratul digested the ‘Obvious Mage’ potion, he didn’t dare to pretend to be Amon in front of me.”
His tone didn’t contain any anger, and he didn’t say why Zaratul didn’t dare. But with his gaze like that, Klein felt as if he had fallen into the depths of a glacier, and his whole body was filled with chills.
This was the feeling of his body. Even though he was separated by a layer of marionettes, the hairs on his neck and back still stood up.
/No need for Sauron Einhorn Medici to say anything more, Klein already understood the hidden meaning in his words:
Anyone who dares to scare Him in this way will be punished with iron and blood on the spot!
Looking at the “Red Angel” evil spirit in front of him who had a restrained aura but gave people a sense of high personality, Klein couldn’t help but mutter a few words in his heart:
If it hadn’t been for the “Cunning Mage” potion to be digested to a large extent just now, I really thought that your will was like steel and your strength had returned to at least the level of Sequence 1. But now, I can basically confirm that what is hidden under your calm performance is The strong fear of Amon also shows that your current status is at most Sequence 2…
Moreover, I am mentally prepared to lose a marionette. In order to digest the potion as quickly as possible, this is a risk that I have to bear…
If Daniz were here and allowed him to take this opportunity to shout “coward” twice, then he would be able to digest it quickly even if he drank four or five bottles of “Provocateur” potion…
Klein stopped provoking the “Red Angel” evil spirit, smiled, took off the monocle and said:
“During the Solomon Empire, Zaratul should have been an angel already. How could he still be digesting the ‘Obvious Mage’ potion?”
“I’m talking about little Zaratul.” Sauron Einhorn Medici replied casually.
This is consistent with the description of the old man in Leonard’s body… Kl