ted: “Be careful!”

ted: “Be careful!”
This is a man from science and engineering who is ignorant of current affairs. He is as good as Mr. Ni. No wonder they can become friends!
“At that time, the electronics, automobile, textile, machinery, and aviation industries that were most in need of technical equipment upgrades all collapsed in the 1990s. Hundreds of thousands of state-owned enterprises went bankrupt and more than 40 million people were laid off.” Speaking of this, Zhou The professor stopped angrily and sighed regretfully: “Xiao Zhao, I have been waiting for 15 years.”
There was silence in the stairwell, only the sound of two people breathing and footsteps.
When he reached the seventh floor, Zhao Song stood still.
Sighing, Zhao Song slowly said: “I was born in 1980. I remember that when I was in my early ten years, I lived in an area belonging to an oil production plant in the Liaohe Oilfield. Among the local people nearby, there were There are a lot of people who don’t have enough to eat!
Fifteen years have passed, the food stamps are gone, and there are almost no people who don’t have enough to eat! Look at the current development speed of our country. Even foreigners are scared, why don’t we ourselves feel the same? “Ah!”
Professor Zhou didn’t say anything. These words today were just complaints based on the lag in research and development work.
On the contrary, what Zhao Song said was his usual advice to those aggrieved students.
“Professor, you also know that the EDA software project has been launched in the country. Let’s talk about the lithography machine. It was jointly developed by several developed countries. It is indeed a bit unrealistic to say it now.
We don’t have the technology now. If there is no equipment, we can complain, but when the country builds that thing one day and needs people to operate it and design it, those who have complained before would better stand up.
It is good to be full, but to be full. It would be bad if there are too many people who only know how to talk.”
Professor Zhou was a little stunned and looked at Zhao Song strangely. He didn’t expect that this kid was still an angry young man.
“Do you think we can create light…that thing?”
“We can calculate the atomic bomb with an abacus, why can’t we create that thing!”
“Zhao Song, that’s different, it’s completely different!”
“I know they are two different things!” Zhao Song nodded and continued unreasonably: “It must be built, and money must be spent on it!”
Otherwise, Tesla’s future will become increasingly difficult!
/On the seventh floor of Wutong Building, whether you come here via stairs or elevator, you will be blocked by a large security door.
The entire seventh-floor office area has been surrounded by reinforced concrete. Except for a security door and a small window covered with iron bars, there is nothing else.
At this time, Zhao Song was looking inside through the small window with a hungry look on his face. There is the R&D department that he spent a lot of money to establish. It is the mo