that has emerged recently. Recruiting some foreign IC designers, Chinese. I wonder if Ms. Wei has a way to do this? “

that has emerged recently. Recruiting some foreign IC designers, Chinese. I wonder if Ms. Wei has a way to do this? ”
Cash: 100,000.
/“Do you want to make chips?” Wei Fang and Fu Jianxing looked at Zhao Song blankly.
Chips and operating systems are the hottest topics right now. What’s even hotter is that Mr. Liu, who was kicked out of us by Fantasy, joined Ark Company without money, shares, or position, just to do his part in the chip business of the flower grower. .
In Zhao Song’s view, this is the best opportunity for flower growers.
Ark’s boss Li Delei is the microprocessor design director of Hitachi America and has a mature design team under him.
Next year, after the birth of the ‘Ark 1’ embedded CPU, the Kyoto City Government will place large orders for tens of thousands of NC machines, and the country will even put this private company on the strategic level of the development of the western region.
It’s a pity that Li Delei, who is engaged in technology, has completely turned into a pure businessman, ungrateful and eager for quick success. He completely gave up the research and development of ‘Ark 3’ and began to promote the theory that there is no market for chips. He only sees money and land.
Eighteen years later, if there is anything that can remind people of this past event, it is the Ark Building that still stands in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.
But what does this have to do with me? Zhao Song shook his head and dismissed his random thoughts.
“How is it possible to make chips?!” Looking at the strange expressions on the two people’s faces, Zhao Song quickly explained: “We only do board design.” As he said that, Zhao Song pointed to the exposed motherboard on the desk.
“I understand.” Wei Fang nodded, then stood up, “If there is any news about this, I will contact you.”
“Thank you, Miss Wei.” Zhao Song and Wei Fang shook hands and said goodbye to each other.
Looking at the door that was closed again, Zhao Song frowned and asked Fu Jianxing: “When will my 2 million patent fees be paid?”
Fu Jianxing took out his notepad and flipped through it for a while before replying: “Boss, these two The day is coming, please check your account later.
In addition, it will take some time to obtain global patents for the vibration ring and keyboard, so it is not suitable to take any action at the moment.”
Zhao Song nodded: “Tesla’s intellectual property department must step up its expansion and selection. Foreign firms that cooperate with us must be cautious, cautious, and cautious.”
“Don’t worry, boss, I will personally lead a trip abroad.”
Department Store.
At the Tesla checkout counter, Zhao Dou took out a stack of brand new shopping contracts from the information column.
“I’ll fill in Bai Li’s order.”
“Excuse me, Brother Dou!” Ding Tao took a breath and asked with a strange expression: “Is this how Sister Da Da could sell so much in one day?”
/Zhao Dou looked at He glanced at the busy Bai Li and said with a weird look on his face: “Zhao Rong was much mo