don’t understand what it is. “

don’t understand what it is. ”
Ding Tao stared at Zhao Song dumbfounded, without saying a word.
Patting him on the shoulder, Zhao Song said cheerfully: “Heyi’s boss is Xingsheng’s rival in the military compound. If the shares become shares, I will sell them to the cultural tycoons.
Ding Tao, this time, if I don’t disgust Jiaming and Xingsheng to death, I won’t be able to sleep! ”

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the large warehouse in Nanxinfadi.
Lao Ba was so busy that his feet did not touch the ground. He shouted at the top of his lungs from time to time: “Slow down, handle it with care! Did you hear me! ”
“Don’t worry after hearing that, Bago! ”
Lao Ba then breathed a sigh of relief and came to Zhao Song.
Seeing Zhao Song looking over and over at a cash check with a pleased expression on his face, Lao Ba couldn’t help but ask: “I’ve made money.
/“Twelve million. ”
“Hiss~” Lao Ba looked at Zhao Song in disbelief, “What is this thing so valuable? ” ”
“You won’t understand the stock of an Internet company even if I tell you about it. ” Zhao Song waved his hand impatiently, “What do you want from me? ”
Lao Ba then remembered that there was still business to do, “The company will be officially established soon. My uncle thought the name we chose last time was not good-sounding, so he asked us to choose a new one.
“What suggestions do you have? ” ”
Lao Ba scratched his head, “How about love? ”
“What? ”
“How is love? ” ”
“Are you talking about the company name? ” Zhao Song looked at Lao Ba with a confused face.
“I told you to love me! ” “Zhao Song raised his foot and kicked it.
Lao Ba didn’t hide, and looked at the furious Zhao Song with a smile, “I’ve mentioned it to you several times, if you have to give me a name, you can’t just say it! ”
Zhao Songsheng waved his hand helplessly and thought for a long time before saying.
“Three connections and one connection! ”
“Three connections and one connection! ” The name of the company is Three Links and One Way!
After hearing this, Lao Ba thought for a long time and then said with a fascinated look on his face: “I don’t know why, but after hearing this name, I always feel that it looks awesome! ” ”
Niu BB is so awesome!
” “Miss Wei, you only made the decision to join Tesla after the Olympic ad was released, so I don’t see any sincerity!”
“Ms. Wei, you need an interview, or an interview. Exam, of course, you can also think of it as a commission. ”
” This company called Netac is very small, with a capital scale of less than 2 million, but it has the most complete global patent barrier for USB flash drives.
“Whether it’s an exam or a commission, Miss Wei, please get it as soon as possible. Then we will talk about your treatment at Tesla or your commission fee. ” ”
In the early morning of September 18th, in Shenzhen City, the sky was clear and white clouds were shining.
Standing outside an office building, Wei Fang remembered what Zhao Song said that day, and her teeth itched with hatred for a momen