ferent. Go to sleep at Ritz tonight. I’ll put an ice pack on you. Myna is there.”

ferent. Go to sleep at Ritz tonight. I’ll put an ice pack on you. Myna is there.”
Zhao Song nodded. Agreeing, he picked up the phone and formally asked Jiaming and Xingsheng for help in the name of his partners. Sister Dada laughed at his formal tone and hung up the phone without saying anything; Xingsheng yelled at him: “That’s it. Are you looking for me to make a fuss? ”
It’s not a fuss, Tesla only has 5 regular employees left.

Half an hour later, Ritz Hotel business suite.
The funny boy sat on one side, watching Wen Jing apply ice cubes to Zhao Song who was sitting upright. He suddenly felt bored, got up and walked to his room, muttering: “How delicate!”
“Touch~” The door closed, Zhao Song rolled his eyes, and lay down on the sofa with Wen Jing.
“These eight cousins ??of yours are all your father’s bodyguards?” Zhao Song put his arms around Wen Jing and raised and lowered his hands.
“Only my eldest cousin Li Nan is from the army reconnaissance company. My dad didn’t know where to place the others, so he asked them to follow them all the time.”
“What’s the problem with them?”
/“They don’t have a good temper. They stay in the same department. He got into fights within two days. ”
Zhao Song knew that it was his youth that caused the trouble. He was like this in the first few years after graduation in his previous life. He couldn’t bear to get angry and would always quarrel with others.
“What a day of ups and downs.” Zhao Song sighed as he rubbed Wen Jing vigorously.
Wen Jing blushed, and after a while she said quietly: “Zhao Song, I might have to leave early.”
Zhao Song paused for a while and asked, “Oh, have you chosen a mentor?”
Wen Jing nodded and said : “A tutor has taken a fancy to me and I need to go there in advance to make preparations.”
When he finally left, Zhao Song didn’t feel too happy and hugged Wen Jing silently.
Wen Jing leaned closely against Zhao Song and said softly: “Stay with me more these two days.”
“I will.” Zhao Song laughed cheerfully, and it didn’t matter if they left, the two people’s living habits were completely different. If she stays on the same channel for a while and passes the sweet period, she will probably have a temper that she suppressed.
Zhao Song couldn’t help but mourn for the brothers behind him. A golden lady with an unpredictable temper had been developed by his brothers.
Looking at the tent erected high up, Zhao Song took Wen Jing’s wrist and sent it downwards. I won’t hold your hand!
/Wednesday, May 10, 2000, moderate rain.
In one semester, Zhao Song took a leave of absence from professional courses for the second time.
When the business bell rang, Zhonghai immediately became noisy. The weather did not have any impact on the flow of people in Zhonghai.
In Channel 11, Zhao Dou and his two assistants started to get busy. In the morning, Zhao Li, who returned from Hainiao, took Jiaming’s employees to Zhonghai Jiaming. Throughout May, Zhao Dou will be stationed at the Tesla branch.
In the corner, Old Man Li was carefully wip