for flower growers and give me all those foreign manufacturers. Get out!”

for flower growers and give me all those foreign manufacturers. Get out!”
“Notify Tesla and Shenzhou official announcement,” Zhao Song turned around and looked at Liu Ying with doubts.
Liu Ying quickly made the signs of 5 and 3.
“The two groups officially announced that they have 8 data centers and adopt the Inspur Low-end server plan.
Notify Wu Ming of the official announcement that the company’s 3-type mechanical and electrical room plan has passed the acceptance of the two groups.”
“The third step, Nanda Optoelectronics acquisition, go and coordinate the suspension time of the two listed companies with the China Securities Regulatory Commission. As for the funding problem, I will solve it.”
Zhao Song stopped and asked Liu Ying again: “I once told the leader that I would try to become the world’s richest man. How much short do I have?”
Liu Ying hesitated and said, “Bill Gates’ latest statistics are 41.5 billion. Even if the boss and Zhao Rong reach an agreement and Tesla shares are not lost, according to Zhuzi’s prediction of the stock price, there is still a shortfall. ”
How much is the difference?” Zhao Song frowned, “What is the issue price they agreed on?”
/“88!” Liu Ying replied, “It’s still a lot worse.
” Then he slowly explained:
“According to the plan, Huahong will start its IPO at the same time as Nanda Optoelectronics, and I need to add another one.”
For some reason, when Liu Ying heard this sentence, Liu Ying and the two record-keeping hands behind her A little shaky.
“Notify Xu Liangying to approve Wuming Technology’s IPO plan!”
Wen Zhenwen trembled: “Old boss, that bitch has already planned it. She found a hollowed-out ‘shell’ from the Delong Department.”
“Then… Tell her, let’s start!”
Zhao Song said leisurely.
“Above, if the effects of all the boosting plans that technology companies participate in do not meet expectations, the Spreadtrum team must prepare for the IPO. Spreadtrum is the last line of defense for all plans.”
“In the end, it’s Tesla.”
Zhao Song lowered his head and pondered for a while before explaining:
“Inform the Beijing City Government that a briefing on the construction plans for the headquarters base of Tesla, SUPCON, and multiple partners will be held within June at the Pingchang District Government Conference Hall.
Tell them that they can live broadcast, but they cannot go to the stars! ”
This is the trump card of the entire boost plan, and it is the focus of the global construction and financial industries.
That is not a headquarters base, but a city!
“That’s it, everyone is busy, I’ll take a break!”
After a while, Liu Ying closed the door again.
Looking at Zhao Song, who was slumped on the chair from exhaustion, he asked:
“What can I drink?”
“I drank too much instant drink. Let’s have some tea.”
Liu Ying’s former P friend’s taste always impressed her. Grit your teeth.
/“Is there any music?”
“Play some.”
“Any request?”
Liu Y