this watch.

this watch.
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/Yoshikawa Fulang bowed ninety degrees before sitting respectfully opposite the old man.
That was his biological father, a core member of the island country’s Sanjing Consortium Council, yes, one of the six major consortiums that controlled 60% of the island country’s total economic output.
Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, NEC (some) and other large companies are all owned by this company…
A poorly packaged book was placed on the table, with something inside! “The two Chinese characters for Participation made Yoshikawa Furuo squint his eyes.
” I just read in this book: Two months ago, Zhao Song reported to Four Star Group CEO Li Bingcheng in real name that he borrowed tickets for Glass Meeting golf activities in Singapore and other places. In this name, they implemented the shameless act of forming a joint pricing club for LCD panel imports from China! ”
/Yoshikawa Furuo said nothing, respectfully waiting for his father’s next words.
The old man looked at his youngest son, a hint of pride flashed in his eyes, and asked with a smile:
” Fulang, did you reveal it to him?
Yoshikawa Fulang bent down and bowed:
“Yes, father! ” ”
In the izakaya, I don’t know when the music of “Twelve Girls Band” was played, making the lively scene gradually quiet down.
This is an oriental folk music group that sold out the tickets in 15 minutes in two concerts, even if they can’t be there Go and see, for the otakus in the room, it is also good to imagine the long legs of the twelve girls~
Yoshikawa Furuo suppressed the outburst of otaku attributes, looked at his father seriously and said:
” I also took Zhao Songsang to Kyushu Silicon Island. It was on that day that I saw the despair in his eyes!
“Despair? ” ”
The old man looked at his younger son doubtfully.
“Yes, it’s the despair after seeing the huge gap.
Yoshikawa Fulang nodded affirmatively:
“Father, there is only Zhao Songsang there. Even if we give him the core technology of our country for thirty years, what can he do by himself? ” ”
“What’s more, he didn’t touch the core technology at all. Americans can see this more clearly than we do.” ”
Having said this, Yoshikawa Furuo took out a newspaper. It was not a big newspaper. It was just an economic tabloid published in Tokyo:
“Father, today’s four large-scale investment reports on flower growers are not even as important as this one. ”
The old man followed his son’s fingers and looked at the newspaper. To his surprise, Tesla’s name appeared on it:
“Tesla, NEC, and EIZO have established a joint R&D center to focus on high-end LCD displays, and The development of color management software! ”
The old man raised his head and asked:
“It only involves model innovation and software development. It is too far-fetched to say that it is core technology, but this is the only one among all the