y. Let the future industry leader named Ziguang spend taxpayers’ money to play with it!

y. Let the future industry leader named Ziguang spend taxpayers’ money to play with it!
Early the next morning.
/A new day begins with the chirping of birds.
The spring flowers are over, and May in early summer is not far behind.
In the Xinxinjiayuan villa area on the North Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, the sunshine is gradually becoming warmer, but the wind is still a bit cold.
Among the shrubs in the garden of the community, the summer azaleas are either red or purple, as if they are covered with brocade; the gold-edged June snow and privet flowers have white flowers, just like the green with dots of white snow, soaked with a strong smell of vegetation.
After eating Western-style breakfast, drinking Western-style coffee, and reading the 21st Century Newspaper in English, Mr. Shi Tong, the general manager of Huashi, who lives an elite life, took his wife and daughter for a stroll in the beautiful community garden.
When stocks go up and wealth increases, you naturally feel better. Everything you look at is beautiful. It’s like looking at a dozen fat men standing far away and feeling an inexplicable sense of joy.
“Xiaomei, daddy will pick you up after school. In the evening, our family will go to the Guomao Revolving Restaurant.”
The young and beautiful daughter nodded absently and said with a sad face: “Dad, Xiaomeng transferred to another school. I don’t know what I said before leaving. Now There are suddenly more rumors about me in school. ”
Xiao Meng is the daughter of Zheng Nan, the person responsible for the Long Xiaoxiao incident.
Shi Tong paused when he heard this, and then said nonchalantly: “Just don’t pay attention to it. The rumors will disappear in two days. Of course, if you want to transfer to another school, that’s fine. How about Sanfan Middle School?”
/At this time, the charm is still there. His wife suddenly said: “It’s better to go to the High School Affiliated to Huaqing, Lao Shi, do you know anyone there?”
Yes! Very familiar! If Xiaomei goes, she will definitely get the best ‘care’!
After hearing his wife’s words, Shi Tong was a little confused, and his good mood disappeared without a trace in an instant. Looking at the dozen fat men approaching, he suddenly felt disgusted.
Each of you weighs 200 to 300 pounds. Even if you are wearing a suit and holding flowers, you can’t hide the fact that you are lazy and ugly!
Shi Tong frowned, his heart fluctuating violently. He just wanted to take his wife and daughter to the side to avoid these fat men, but what happened next made him stunned.
“Hello, beautiful lady, can I treat you to a meal? I think only the Guomao Revolving Restaurant can complement your beauty!”
The speaker was a fat man weighing more than 300 pounds.
“I think the Wangfu Restaurant is suitable. Hello, beautiful lady, I am fat and my family has little money. I hope…”
This is a fat man who weighs more than 280 pounds.
“Hilton is not bad…”
One after another, the fat men took turns. They turned a blind eye to Shi Tong and