hu a huge assist in the negotiation!

hu a huge assist in the negotiation!
Wanwan 101 Building, 85th floor.
The 101 top fresh food and beautiful view restaurant here is located between the world and the sky. You can overlook the Tamsui River estuary and watch the clouds and mist flow under your feet.
It has a top team with a history of more than 50 years and spent 250 million to build the world’s highest Taiwanese seafood restaurant. 101 Dingxian Restaurant has attracted many gourmets to dine with its luxurious, fashionable, comfortable and 5 natural dining environment.
12:30, in the most luxurious private room in Dingxian.
David looked at the door that had been closed again, recalling how happy the fund managers were after watching the “Don’t Blink” commercial. He sighed to Liao Yingzhu who was eating his stuff opposite him:
“Liao, this is it.” We talked about the power of the world’s number one advertising master for two whole hours, but it was still not as effective as that 107-second advertisement.”
/Liao Yingzhu nodded in agreement, and the flash of admiration in her eyes was well concealed. After swallowing the Wanwan sausage in his throat, he said proudly:
“Just because he is Zhao Song and Tesla, which he founded by himself, is the reason why I am here.
David, you can imagine, Once the acquisition is successful, with Tesla’s design and Huashi’s workmanship, what will it look like…”
David interrupted Liao Yingzhu’s confusing words, He said helplessly, “Liao, the option agreement you signed is to be sold when it expires.
So, don’t talk to me about the acquisition of Huashi again!”
The old fox is really hard to fool…
Liao Yingzhu is here He curled his lips inwardly, shrugged his shoulders and said nothing, and began to attack the big lobster in the middle of the long dining table.
David didn’t care about Liao Yingzhu’s impolite behavior and said patiently: “We can’t think of any reason why Huashi and the foundry sector have plummeted, and all our analysts no longer support continuing to hold DNW shares. So…”
Liao Yingzhu was not surprised. She ate the lobster with relish and mentioned a number.
Liao Yingzhu looked at David and said seriously:
“The shares can be refunded, but each of you must hold this number of shares!”
“Because if the Wanwan stock market is really big If it falls, we must have something that can safely bring the money out of the bay!
To put it bluntly, Liao Yingzhu must hold on to the tiger flag of American Capital.
David also instantly understood what Liao Yingzhu meant. Thinking about it, he remained silent.
“David, if it really falls, you can still make a lot of money by keeping 5% of the shares!
“What if it doesn’t fall? ”
David asked with a gloomy face. ”
The thick agreement was thrown in front of David. Liao Yingzhu raised her head and said arrogantly:
“Bet!” My bargaining chip is Tesla shares! ”
David has been speechless more times in his life than after seeing these two young me