de of gray-white rock.

de of gray-white rock.
Wei He touched it gently, and it was really made of the same material as rock.
After circling the face, he soon found a clue on the side of the chin.
On the skin of the chin, there is a line of small words engraved on it: It took three days to give it to my friend.
The text is written in the ancient script of the Yuan Dynasty. No need to look, it is probably related to Quanren.
Wei He was now certain that everything in front of him was not his imagination.
Such a big face, and name information that I have never heard before.
With the strength of his psychic energy at this time, it is unlikely that he will be confused.
Moreover, his spiritual energy and body were perfectly integrated into this body at this time, as if two different colors of ink were mixed into one and became a new color.
This body is quite amazing.
The one eye on the head seems to be able to see many things that could not be seen before.
Moreover, this one-eye can even be adjusted…
Wei He made a thought.
Everything in front of me blurred for a moment.
All the colors in the starry sky began to stretch, twist, and rotate. Mixed into a pool.
Soon, his eyes blurred.
All colors return to their respective positions again.
/The starry sky is still the same as before, and the universe is still the same as before.
But above Wei He’s head, there was a piece of golden light shining down.
Behind the golden light, there seemed to be a door, an extremely huge circular door carved with countless flowing patterns.
The gap in the center of the door slowly opened in an S-shape like a Tai Chi diagram.
The golden light escaped from that gap.
“What is that!?” Wei He was shocked in his heart. The moment he saw the door, his spiritual instinct began to frantically remind him to get closer and closer again!
It was an inexplicable urge that came to my heart, desperate and giving up everything, to get closer and enter the round door.
He vaguely saw three shadows floating closer to the door.
One of them looks like a human, the other two seem to be monsters.
“You shouldn’t be here…” A long male voice slowly sounded in Wei He’s ears.
In an instant, the strong urge to get closer to the door receded like a tide the moment after the sound sounded.
Only then did Wei He realize that he was flying frantically towards the door.
He lowered his head and saw that he had flown far, far away from his previous position.
Moreover, he discovered at this moment that in the nebula he was just in, and in the surrounding starry sky, there were countless statues with incomplete human faces floating everywhere.
There are countless human-faced statues densely packed together, all of which are damaged to varying degrees.
Their faces are all incomplete.
Wei He glanced around and saw that the number of human faces in the starry sky in his field of vision was endless.
“Go back…little one…” The male voice from before came again.
Everything in Wei He’s eyes began to blur and distort rapidly.
As everything