ccording to his heart and doing whatever he wanted. Except for cultivation, nothing could restrain him.

ccording to his heart and doing whatever he wanted. Except for cultivation, nothing could restrain him.
The wind picked up, blowing the curly silver hair, and the evil gentleman’s moral thoughts spread throughout his body. Zhou Jijun walked towards the horse thief step by step.
“You overestimate your ability, how dare you ruin my good job as a ghost-faced rider!”
“Hahaha, there’s another one here to die!”
bursts of laughter came from the horse thieves, and these desperadoes with their hands stained with blood mocked. Looking at Zhou Jijun, who was walking alone, he looked like a fool, extremely ridiculous. Only the masked horse thief leader’s eyes changed slightly. He looked at Zhou Jijun carefully, his eyes gradually filled with horror.
White clothes, silver hair, bare feet…
/the man who was rumored among the strong men of the seven states…the man
who once caused chaos in the capital and made the princes and warlords of the seven states gnash their teeth…
the horse thief The leader trembled all over. He looked at Zhou Jijun in disbelief, his hands trembling slightly.
“Are you Mr. Jun?”
As soon as the words fell, the Ghost Faced Cavalry suddenly became silent. Everyone’s expressions changed greatly, and they looked at the young man in white who was standing alone in a panic.
Zhou Jijun stopped and looked at the leader of the horse thieves in slight shock, then a playful smile appeared on his lips.
“I have some knowledge. It is this young master.”
“I have admired you for a long time. I heard that the young master is assisting the crown prince of Northern Xinjiang in Yanzhou, but unexpectedly he has moved to Yuzhou… I, Ghost Face Rider, have never had any grudges with the young master, but I didn’t know Why today…”
“I had no grudges in the past, but I have grudges today.” Zhou Jijun said indifferently. He turned around and looked at Chu Sheng, who was full of surprise, and smiled lightly.
“So, Young Master insists on making things difficult for me?”
The leader of the horse thieves’ eyes turned cold. He grabbed the iron bow tightly and asked alertly.
“It’s not about embarrassment, it’s about killing them all.”
“Hahahaha…” The leader of the horse thieves looked up to the sky and laughed. He glanced at the dark cavalry beside him, then turned to look at Zhou Jijun, “You’re the only one? No matter how strong you are, Mr. Jun. , can you still defeat my thousands of troops? I am polite, but I don’t want you to be so ignorant. Without the Northern Xinjiang Army, who are you?”
“Without the Northern Xinjiang Army, I am nothing?” If Rakshasa heard this, he would definitely laugh out loud.”
Zhou Jijun murmured in a low voice, and in the corner of his eye, arrows rained down like locusts. The figure faltered, and a moment later, Zhou Jijun had already charged into the ghost-faced knight. With a million kilograms of force in his arms, he hit the horse thieves heavily. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen horse thieves died suddenly. Grabbing a horse corpse with each hand,