ny things.

ny things.
These guys, who are obviously not dark elves, want to enter the ruins to capture the incarnation of a dark elf tribe’s magic weapon. Anyone who hears this will think it’s nonsense.
Lin Yun pulled Elsa just to reveal Elsa’s identity as the dark elf princess. It’s a pity that these fire rock dwarves didn’t even ask. Isn’t
this too hasty?
Fire rock dwarves are very fanatical about unknown materials, but they are not so fanatical that they can even let a group of people who don’t know the details into places like ruins, right?
Lin Yun looked back at the fire rock dwarves, but suddenly discovered something very wrong.
The rhythm was disrupted by these fire rock dwarves just now, so I almost forgot.
/The eyes of the Fire Rock Dwarf are red, especially when the mood is exciting, the Fire Rock Dwarf’s eyes are like a burning red flame.
What could be more exciting for these fire dwarves than the discovery of a new, unknown piece of magical metal?
No more.
These fire rock dwarves were very excited, but their eyes were not red. Instead, they were like a blue flame burning.
“No! Everyone stop!”
Lin Yun stopped everyone who didn’t know what was going on and looked at the fire rock dwarves with a frown. Sure enough, there seemed to be a blue flame flashing in the eyes of each fire rock dwarf. The impression of the fire rock dwarf is completely different.
A fire rock dwarf yelled a little irritably.
“Go in! Go in quickly! Damn it, why are you still here?”
“They must regret it, no, we must not let anyone take this magic metal away!”
“Let them go in, no, they must regret it, What should we do?”
“Kill them! Yes, only by killing them, the magic metal will be ours!”
A group of fire rock dwarves who were extremely enthusiastic just now have blue flames flashing in their eyes. It’s like going crazy.
Lin Yun didn’t say a word, but just stopped. These fire rock dwarves actually wanted to kill Lin Yun and the others. Even after the first fire rock dwarf expressed this idea, he immediately got all the The recognition of the fire rock dwarves
: “No, there is something wrong with these fire rock dwarves.”
Lin Yun shouted lowly, and Andefa on the side had already controlled the Wheel of Ten Thousand Dharma and began to rotate slowly.
“Merlin, you are talking nonsense. Everyone can see it. These fire dwarves are crazy.”
Elsa on the side was also a little confused: “That’s not right. What happened to these fire dwarves? Why have their tempers become so bad?”
In just a few seconds, a fire rock dwarf roared and threw a hammer at everyone. The hammer was like an arrow piercing the air. The speed was terrifying. In the blink of an eye, it appeared in the sky. In front of class.
Off-duty was shocked and quickly raised the carnage to resist. The hammer collided with the carnage, bursting out a dazzling light like thunder. There even seemed to be streaks of thunder power rushing towards the off-duty car along the carnage. Body.
Off-duty let out a muffled grunt, the veins on his arms were expose