d said strangely: “What is this?”

d said strangely: “What is this?”
Just now, Li Yulang stuffed a piece of paper into his hand. When it came to my hand, before I could take a closer look at what it was, I raised the piece of paper when I heard Black Skull’s question. After looking at it, I realized that this piece of paper was actually the blue talisman that sealed the ancient god Mensu! That is, the life-saving magic weapon of the former Riyuro
“Why did he give me the blue talisman? Ah”
At this moment, the clock did not give me and Black Skull time to discuss it for eight years, and took action against both of us. He raised his hand and a strong The strong wind suddenly turned into two invisible big hands and knocked us away. Before I could finish my words, I was blown away by the strong wind and hit a big tree behind me. When I landed, my whole back was in burning pain. Just as he was about to stand up, the next strong wind blew again. This storm pressed me against a big tree, as if a terrible bulldozer was crushing my body. All the bones in my body made a “clicking” sound, and the pain made me almost suffocate.
/“Damn it, it hurts too much,” I shouted cursingly.
Zhong Ba’s hand technique changed, and the storm that was crushing me suddenly disappeared. I subconsciously shrank my head, and a powerful storm struck through my head like a sharp blade, cutting off the thick tree behind me. He let out a sigh of relief and cursed: “Damn, you’re so cruel.”
But when he turned around, he saw that it was not a tree that was cut off by the storm, but an entire forest.
Zhongba walked toward me silently. With a slight flip of his hand, all the broken and fallen trees rose into the air in an instant. Then he turned his palm again, and more than a dozen chopped trees gathered in one place, falling directly from the air and hitting my body.
“Boom” was heard continuously, the ground shook, and a huge hole was punched through the soil where I was standing. Zhong BaBa raised his hand expressionlessly. More than a dozen big trees slowly rose into the air, and the large hole exposed on the ground was very deep, but there was no trace of me. Zhong Baqian frowned slightly and glanced around. At this time, I was underground. The black skull floated next to me. Just now, I broke through the ground in time to escape the disaster. If it really got hit, I wouldn’t be able to withstand it.
/“Damn, this madman. I think he hasn’t used his full strength yet, and his current state is not as good as the last time he was in Miyun Reservoir.” I muttered a few times.
The black skull came closer and whispered: “It’s not that we don’t have a chance.”
“Huh? Didn’t you just say that we didn’t have a chance? Why has it changed again?” I asked strangely.
“Just now, now is now. I didn’t know you had this blue talisman in your hand just now. Now that I know, we have a chance. Not only do we have a chance to resist his attack, but we also have a chance to come back.”
“At this time. You’re not kidding me?” I asked after hesitation.
“I’m serious, the key to our comeback