nished speaking, the black chains that hoisted the roof into the air instantly became dim and unreal.

The roof was lowered again, covering the second floor of the restaurant, and it looked the same as before.
Of course, when there is heavy wind and rain, there will definitely be water seepage here. If there is a storm, the entire roof will be lifted again.
The huge bat wings that covered the surrounding area retracted into the darkness, and the pattering of light rain enveloped the place again.
Klein, who was hiding in the shadows, watched the figure of Miss Sharon in a black palace dress quickly fade into transparency and disappear. He watched a puff of illusory smoke rise and countless tiny bats go their separate ways. He couldn’t help but wrinkle. He frowned and said silently to himself:
“What accident happened…”
/It’s not scary to have an accident. What’s scary is that you don’t even know what the accident is.
No matter what stage you are in, the unknown is always scary.
At this time, a slightly intermittent voice suddenly sounded in Klein’s ears:
“What happened…” “What happened…” “What…” “Things…”
Klein turned his head and found that the messenger lady had walked out of the spirit world at some point and was standing side by side with him.
The four blond heads with red eyes held in His hand were looking at the restaurant.
“…Can you see the situation before?” Klein asked thoughtfully.
After the “Alien” path reaches the “Resentful Soul” stage, you can freely enter and exit the spiritual world and obtain revelations directly from there. Whether it is spiritual intuition or divination and prophecy, it has become quite powerful. The corresponding Sequence 2 angels are definitely not good in this regard. It would be different, so Klein asked this question.
The four heads held by Renette Tinichole shook at the same time and said in unison:
Klein nodded thoughtfully, without asking any more questions, and controlled the marionette to leave the area.
“This is over…” Emlyn White, who had retched for a while, rubbed the ring set with a dark blue gem and said to himself in surprise.
Through the “Rose Oath” ring, he sensed Count Mistral’s frustration, anger, and restraint in not wanting to be angry with the lady or angering others. He initially judged that the operation failed due to an accident.
“Is it over?” Upon hearing his words, Maric on the opposite side was equally astonished.
He actually wanted to ask Emlyn White why he suddenly felt nauseated. His expression was distorted to a certain extent, but he controlled his curious desire very well and restrained the corresponding impulse.
“No, the target was not found…” Emlyn tried his best to recall what Count Mistral saw and heard. However, due to the blockade of Marquis Nibais, he could not use it until the “red moon” rose. The “Oath of Rose” ring saw the situation at the scene, but it was quickly rendered ineffective by the strange feeling.
At the same time, Emlyn muttered in his heart:
/“Did the temperance demigod come h