inal moon pretending to be that person, then I don’t even have to think about resurrection.”

Klein came up with one candidate after another, and eliminated one after another. In the end, he couldn’t help but sigh to himself:
“When times of need arise, friends are always too few.”
He couldn’t help but want to arrange a ceremony, trying to pray for the power of the night, the power of crimson, and the blessing of the goddess. He hoped to be directly given the true soul and dust of the predator in the spiritual world, or to have an archbishop or senior deacon. , secretive ascetics come to help.
Unfortunately, such thoughts can only be passed around in the mind and cannot be put into practice. Although Klein relatively recognizes the “goddess of the night” and does not reject the identity of the person currently suspected of being favored by the night, he still has a strong sense of vigilance. , does not want to rely on the gifts of gods for everything, and he doubts that similar rituals will have any effect, because with his current level and strength, he is not qualified to propose conditions to Sequence 0. Whatever the gods want to give, they will naturally be given. There is no point in praying for something you don’t want to give.
If I had Old Neil’s face, maybe I would really give it a try. Back then, the goddess was even willing to pay off bills and solve constipation, and she still doted on her followers. Of course, this would definitely have certain “sequelae” Klein Looking back on the past, I felt a little sad for a while.
He decided to change his mind. Since he couldn’t find any friends to help, he would consider using his enemies:
“Well, maybe you can bring the Black Emperor Card, the Tyrant Card and the radio receiver, and wait at the entrance of Calderon City. As long as the King of the Five Seas Nast, the high-sequence strongman of the Church of Storms, and the leader of the Rose School Si’a When any one of the demigod angels arrives, immediately enter the city of the dead.
“No, this is too explicit. Nast, the King of the Five Seas, and the high-sequence powerhouses from the Church of Storms will most likely not follow into Calderon, but will stay outside and guard the door, waiting for me to go out on my own.
“The god Si’a may be chasing after him, but he is an angel and will not encounter any obstacles in the outer area of ????Calderon. I am setting myself on fire.”
/After repeated thinking, Klein finally gave up on the plan to gain profits by causing chaos. He believed that the previous situation outside Bayam City would be difficult to replicate, especially when he had not yet reached high-sequence.
Those who always walk on the edge of the abyss will fall sooner or later
“Who else can help?” Klein’s eyes glanced at the two Marionettes beside him, and one friend after another flashed through his mind, including members of the Tarot Society.
Suddenly, he remembered something:
“Miss Sharon told me before that the mummy of Tutankhas II was part of her promotion ceremony and was of great sig