ful to you.”

Audrey was at a loss for a while, and after a few seconds she answered thoughtfully:
“You can pray to the gods.”
She just said, “World,” you can ask Mr. “Fool” for help.
The question and answer just now convinced Audrey of one thing, that is, Mr. World’s mental problems mainly come from powerful and terrifying enemies, but at a deeper level, there are also worries caused by the unknown status of his “helpers”.
When praying to the gods, Klein did not dare to directly say that if the gods could not solve it, the gods’ thoughts would be even more difficult to guess. After all, this is the country of “fools”, and he himself is the favored one.
He organized the following language:
“The gods can only help in some ways, but that’s not enough.”
Audrey originally wanted to say that there will always be a way, and justice will definitely defeat evil, but it was difficult to convince herself and find corresponding examples for reference. Finally, she pursed her lips and said:
“I have no idea”
In the “confession room”, there was darkness and silence. The two of them did not speak for a while, and seemed to be caught in different inner struggles.
Finally, Audrey broke the silence, looked at the wooden board that separated the two people and said:
“No matter what, you have to do something, work hard to do something, and you can’t just give up without resistance.”
Yes, at least I still have a lot of secrets, and some things to rely on. Klein closed his eyes, leaned against the board, and his thoughts gradually turned back to recent events. His whole body was no longer so tense and anxious all the time.
Audrey sensed the change in this aspect and immediately added another “comfort”. After doing so, Klein’s mental state was completely restored.
/“I feel much better. Thank you for your treatment. How much medical fee do you need?” Klein asked proactively.
Actually, it’s my turn to thank you for providing the case. Audrey didn’t really want to collect the consultation fee. Looking at the dividing board in the deep darkness, she couldn’t help but recall Mr. World’s usually gloomy, cold, sophisticated and ruthless behavior.
Well, his mental problems should also have factors in his own personality. Audrey suddenly had an idea, and the corners of her mouth slowly raised and said:
“The consultation fee I need is very small.
“Well, wish me happiness”
Klein was stunned for a moment and almost forgot that he was wearing the character Gehrman Sparrow.
He has never heard of such a request.
Klein hesitated for a while, and finally spoke coldly as “The World”:
“Since you ask so
“Wish you happy.”
Audrey’s smile suddenly brightened:
“I also wish you happiness
“Mr. World, don’t always keep things in your heart. Smiling more and being happier can eliminate many hidden dangers.
“Okay, your mental problem has been solved, but you need to have a follow-up visit in a few days or within the next week.”
Klein didn’t know how to respond, so he could only say “hmm”.
Then, he heard the door on the opposite side