ple a strong sense of hesitation:

“Great Master, what is the relationship between that child and you?”
It seems to be wondering why the Supreme Lord above the spiritual world pays so much attention to an unborn fetus.
Hey, I already explained that it was the unborn child of Dr. Allen Kreese’s family, and Arrodes didn’t even notice that Will Aucetin had a problem. In terms of covering up his own fate and specialness, the “Snake of Mercury” is better than Angels from other sequences are much stronger, but the “magic mirror” can accurately give the time when “Tail Eater” Ouroleus left Backlund. Well, it should be difficult when Will Asceptin “restarts” The problem was discovered by a high-ranking person, which is why he was able to avoid the “Angel of Destiny”. Klein replied with some clarity:
Regarding the matter of being Will Ascetin’s godfather, he just thought about it casually. He was not sure and did not dare to force it, for fear of offending this “snake of fate”.
“It’s just a friendship.” Arrods’s inexplicable disappointment was revealed in every word. “Great master, you can ask questions now.”
Klein thought for a moment and said:
“Do you know who that guy I saw tonight at the East Byram Veterans Club was?
“If you’re not sure who I’m referring to, I can draw it for you.”
In the dark and deep mirror, the water light floated, reflecting a man with a cold appearance, a large beard, and dark blue eyes that were almost black. It was the demigod that Klein said was suspected of being the “Black Emperor”.
At the same time, the corresponding text description is highlighted below the “photo”:
“His name is Qonas Korg. He was born in MI9. He is currently the deputy director of Major General. He claims to be a Sequence 5 with only the lawyer path, but he is in charge of a powerful sealed artifact.”
It seems that the deputy director of the Major General of MI9 is ??the “spokesman” of the royal family’s faction in the spy agency. Klein remembered the information given by the “Magic Mirror”, but for a moment, he couldn’t think of how to investigate or where to start. After all, The other party is a demigod. Whether it is peeking or inquiring, whether it is attempted by oneself or entrusted to others, it can easily arouse alarm and provoke retaliation.
The only idea he thought was more reliable was to collect preliminary information through Miss Justice. This girl not only had a high status and had enough connections to learn the corresponding information, but she was also a Sequence 6 of the “Audience” channel, and could Lead the topic without raising suspicion and complete the observation quietly.
It has to be said that although the “audience” is poor in frontal combat ability, it is really strong in other aspects. Moreover, with the abilities of “psychiatrist” and “hypnotist”, the “audience” can also After controlling and guiding the battle, Klein sighed for a while and thought about what else he should ask “Magic Mirror” Arrods.
At this moment, the light and shadow on the mirror surface receded