ll Ascetin seemed to want to leave, he quickly said:

“That paper crane is about to break. If there is an emergency in the future, how can I contact you?”
Will Ascetin was silent for a while and said:
“Do you expect me to fold paper cranes for you in my mother’s belly? Even if I can fold them, you won’t be able to get them.”
“If I want to find you, I can do it anytime in my dreams as long as you live here.
“If you have something urgent, just come directly to visit my father. It will take a long time to use the paper crane.”
“Okay, as a fetus that has not yet been born, I should catch up on my sleep. I’ll talk about anything later.”
Klein could only nod and said:
“If you don’t have anything else to do.”
Will Asceptin’s figure that was about to disappear suddenly paused, and after two seconds he said:
“There’s one more thing.”
“What’s going on?” Klein’s spirit became tense again.
Will Asceptin said with an “uh” sound:
“The ice cream your chef makes is too sweet”
Ah, Klein didn’t realize what the other person was saying for a moment. It wasn’t until the black stroller disappeared into the bathroom mirror that he finally realized something, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.
After solving the bulging problem in his lower abdomen, he washed his hands and went out. He found his valet Richardson and ordered:
“Go to the kitchen and ask them to tone down the sweetness of the next ice cream.”
Richardson didn’t ask why and immediately copied it. It wasn’t until he was about to enter the kitchen that he thought of a question:
Mr. Dwayne Dantès seems to have never touched ice cream, so why does he know it is too sweet?
Richardson quickly figured out the answer. He thought one of the guests tasted the ice cream and informed his employer of the problem.
Although this is a bit rude, it is not too uncommon, especially friends who are familiar with it, will proactively and kindly remind it to prevent the reputation of the host of the dance from declining.
At this time, because the last dance was still going on, Klein was not in a hurry to think about his dance partner. He walked to the long table at the edge, preparing to seize the time to eat some delicious food.
/He had just chosen a piece of Dixi grilled fish with no bones when he suddenly saw Velma Gladys approaching and taking a cup of sweet ice tea.
The lady nodded to the host of the ball, smiled and said:
“It’s a nice drink, I’ve never had it before.”
“Sweet iced tea from the south.” Klein explained with a smile, casually glanced at the other person’s belly and said, “He seems to be very well-behaved, uh, maybe it’s her.”
Velma smiled and said:
“Most of the time it’s like this, but occasionally there will be a fuss in the middle of the night.”
/The middle of the night is not the time to reply to my questions. Klein suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He pretended that he hadn’t thought about it and returned his attention to the dinner plate. Velma took a sip of sweet ice tea and returned to the place where they were chatting.