Suddenly, she thought of a possibility, and her bright green eyes froze:
“It can’t be Chillinges pretending to be”
“Creeping hunger has the ability to change people into different appearances”
The more Audrey thought about it, the more she felt that this was a possibility. Her heart suddenly jumped up, and she felt nervous and panicked.
“If it’s really Vice Admiral Hurricane, what is he trying to do? It’s a pity that he can’t bring Susie to this dance, otherwise he can secretly observe Baron Gramir just now. I have to remind dad.” Audrey was thinking a lot. Quickening his pace, he entered the restaurant and found Earl Hall who was communicating with the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet and others.
She put on an impeccable smile, walked over, took Earl Hall’s arm, and said to the others:
“Gentlemen, can I borrow Earl Hall for a few minutes?”
“Beautiful lady, this is your right.” Several gentlemen responded kindly.
Audrey took Earl Hall to the nearest balcony, found a secluded corner, and said to her middle-aged and fat father:
“Dad, I have something to tell you.”
Earl Hall originally had a doting smile, but when he saw that his daughter’s expression was very serious, he became serious:
“whats the matter”
“I just met Baron Gramiel, but he is different from before in some details. For example, the scent of his perfume has the middle note of amber, which used to be the base note,” Audrey said as she observed. The difference can be explained by sensitivity and carefulness.
After describing what just happened, she added thoughtfully:
“I heard Viscount Gray Lint mention that Hurricane Lieutenant General Qilingos has the ability to change into the appearance of others. Isn’t he in Backlund recently?”
After listening quietly, Earl Hall’s expression became extremely solemn.
But he soon showed a smile, comforted his slightly panicked daughter and said:
“I will take care of it. You go find your mother and stay with her. She is in the lounge of this hall.”
“Okay.” Audrey nodded obediently.
On the way to the lounge, she looked back at her father and saw Earl Hall communicating something in a low voice with a noble, with a serious expression.
/Audrey’s heart couldn’t help but feel that she had to do something to prevent her father, mother and brother from being harmed.
After looking around, she changed direction, left the restaurant, entered a corridor, and found the small prayer room of Duke Negan’s house familiarly.
She pushed the door open, locked it with her backhand, looked at the symbol of the Storm Lord in front of her, and subconsciously found a secluded and dark corner.
Audrey sat down, leaned forward, and put her hands on her forehead in a praying posture.
Then, she recited in a low voice in Hermes:
“You are a fool who does not belong to this era. You are the mysterious master above the gray fog. You are the yellow and black king who controls good luck.”
Tingen, Daffodil Street.
Klein is discussing the recent popular plays with his brother Benson and sister Melissa, and sincerely invites th