rld” was a crazy adventurer, but they never thought that he had developed a serious mental illness. Almost going crazy

Is this the price of power? Forsi shuddered and became more and more afraid of Gehrman Sparrow.
Crazy adventurers can still communicate and reason, but there is really nothing the madman can do.
/“Heartmare Candle” has not completely cured his mental illness. His mental illness has become serious to this extent. Emlyn, the “Moon” who is anticipating, only feels that “the world” may go crazy at any time.
“Sun” Derrick didn’t think about it that much, he just simply cared about Mr. “World”. He wanted to say that there was a “psychoanalyst” in Silver City who could provide treatment, but then he thought that this would expose too many problems, so he had to forcefully shut it down. He opened his mouth and looked expectantly at Miss Justice.
“Justice” Audrey was surprised, stunned and confused, and said after careful consideration:
/“Mr. World, according to my observation, you should not have a serious mental illness.
“If you are just a little anxious or have a lot of stress, you can ease and recover through self-regulation and correct relaxation at the current stage, and no direct treatment is required.”
“The World” Gehrman Sparrow chuckled again and said:
“You didn’t notice it because the previous mental illness has been cured.
“I am just making an appointment now. If similar signs appear again in the future, I hope to get timely treatment.”
That’s it. “Justice” Audrey nodded in relief.
She suddenly felt pity for Mr. “World”. She felt that on the surface he was a ruthless reaper who could kill several Sequence 5s in a week. He was a deep and cold lover of Mr. “Fool”. He was an extraordinary person who was so powerful that people were afraid of him. But he was closer on the inside. Normal people are under great pressure, eroded by various negative emotions, and step by step towards the abyss of pain.
After thinking for a few seconds, Audrey said sincerely:
“If you’re within my range, that’s no problem.”
After the coming-of-age ceremony, she already has certain rights of independent movement. She can stay in Stone City, the capital of East Chester County, while her parents vacation at the family castle. However, this freedom is still restricted, and she cannot go anywhere she wants. No matter where she goes, even in Storn City, there are many areas that she cannot go to unless she joins a certain charity organization of the Church of the Night Goddess in the future.
“Okay.” Klein, who was herding Traveler, breathed a sigh of relief and let “The World” respond. “When the time comes, you will determine the location and be prepared to avoid exposing your identity.”
“Justice” Audrey said “hmm”, and a scene naturally appeared in her mind:
She and Mr. “World” were in two private rooms in certain places, talking and receiving treatment through a wall or wooden board.
In this case, Mr. “World” cannot confirm whether the other side of the wall is me. For him, as long as he gets effective treatm