ppearance of Dwayne Dantès, jumped in lightly.

Fortunately, I came back in time. If “Magic Mirror” Arrodes continues to talk like this, Bishop Elektra will disown me as a devout believer. Maybe tomorrow morning we will find Walter and Richardson hanging themselves. He died in the room, and the whole neighborhood was spreading the news that Dwayne Dantès was a nymphomaniac. Klein glanced at the fake Dwayne’s real magic mirror on the bed, and sighed silently. The words in the second half of the sentence were all from him. Formulate the answer yourself and let Arrodes read it accordingly.
Of course, this was his worst guess, and he believed that Arolds would not let things develop to that extent.
/“Welcome back, my great master.” Dwayne Dantès saluted on the bed, “Your humble and loyal servant Arrodes has done well.”
Hearing the stammering question from the magic mirror, Klein sighed again and said:
“It’s okay, it’s a good disguise.
“But when chatting, try not to irritate others.”
“I, I will pay attention.” The image of fake Dawn Dantès quickly disappeared, revealing a small mirror on the pillow.
Above the mirror, silvery white light burst out immediately, squirming and condensing into words:
“Thank you for your affirmation. I will always follow your footsteps and look forward to the next opportunity to serve you.”
After a simple goodbye expression, the mirror returned to normal.
Klein moved closer, put the mirror away, then entered the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, walked four steps backward, and arrived above the gray mist.
He wanted to complete the grazing before Mr.
In the world in the book, there is a hole on a snowy mountain peak.
Klein looked at the body of Mr.
“He hopes to get travel and records this time. If he has one of them, this operation will be profitable. If not, he has to consider asking Miss Magician to add money. Hunting a Sequence 5 and facing a demigod are completely difficult. Two different things.” Klein thought as he stretched out his left palm, spread his fingers, and pointed at the corpse whose spirituality had not completely dissipated.
“Creeping Hunger” quickly changed back to its original appearance, as if it were made of thin human skin, with two eyes cracked out of its palms, and its pupils were bright red, as if stained with blood.
In the bone-chilling wind, Mr.
The “squirming hunger” first became transparent, like a reflection of the spiritual world, and then returned to normal.
Klein closed his eyes and sensed it, his brows gradually relaxed, and a smile appeared on his face.
He was quite lucky this time and got one of the most desired extraordinary abilities:
“Traveler’s Gate”
This can be referred to as “portal”, “teleport” or “travel”. Its function is to allow people to travel through the spiritual world that can sense the outside world and position themselves. Extraordinaries in different sequences have different strengths of their own spiritual bodies. The transmission time endured is different, and the effect and distance of traveling in the s