to discuss it!”

Caesar IV declined.
After all, reason prevailed and he was not dazzled by the immediate benefits. The establishment of the Protectorate was indeed conducive to strengthening control over the Near East, and it would also lead to local expansion.
The kingdom now has a total of thirty-two provinces, and the Protectorate composed of the Near East is directly equivalent to ten provinces. This kind of giant is really too big.
Even if the royal family can get six provinces from the Warhammer Kingdom, the actual control area is equivalent to twelve provinces, which is almost the same as the Near East in terms of territorial area.
At the king’s alarm, Hudson just smiled. The birth of the Near East Protectorate was only a matter of time, and he did not need to interfere too much. As long as there was a little bit of news, the unlucky nobles who wanted to go to the Near East would spontaneously promote it.
“Madeleine, send Marshal Hudson off for me!”
Caesar IV ordered.
The play must be performed in full, and if you want to deceive others, the details must be in place.
The contact between the princess and the marshal is at best a story about a hero and a beautiful woman, and no one will meddle in it. If the king had private contact with the marshal, everyone would have to think carefully.
“Marshal Hudson, shouldn’t you ask me to dance?”
Princess Madeleine said depressedly.
The scene of dividing the spoils just now directly refreshed her knowledge. Fortunately, he was born into a royal family and developed the ability to remain calm at an early age.
Of course, Baron Hudson was unlikely to be a royal marriage partner. But as long as she takes action in advance, she can delay Hudson’s marriage.
The royal marriage will not accept grassroots nobles, which does not mean that it will not accept a marshal who controls the kingdom’s army. Now Hudson has the value to be attracted by the royal family.
/For a princess who is destined to marry, the treatment of staying in the country is much better than marrying outside.
There are no ifs in reality. If you miss it, you will miss it. Thinking about this has no meaning other than sulking.
“Your Highness, please!”
Hudson said slightly embarrassed.
Conscience, he really can’t dance. No matter how well Hudson did, his native family was only a small baron with only a handful of resources.
Daily practice alone consumes a lot of resources. How can there be resources to invite professional dance teachers to learn dance subjects that are meaningless to the lower class nobles.
I won’t and must attend this kind of occasion. It’s the same dance, and if other nobles can’t keep up with the rhythm, they will be laughed at. With Hudson’s current status, that is a reflection of his personality.
There was no surprise. On the stage, Hudson showed a very unique personality. He had close contact with Princess Madeleine several times, and those who didn’t know it thought they were flirting.
There was no collision with the people around us. It was because everyone was very clev