re all given to the previous group.”

It’s such a helpless thing to meet your colleagues. They can always think of things you will think of in advance. Klein couldn’t help but want to sigh.
Seeing that there were no further clues, Klein and Allen politely left No. 66 Dalton Street.
“It seems that your doubts will take a long time to be resolved.” Klein turned his head and said to Dr. Allen.
Allen was silent for a few seconds, then breathed out slowly:
“After what happened just now, I’m not so troubled anymore. I’m a doctor. It’s enough to do my own thing. I should return for health visits instead of asking about the situation, what other people think, and why they are not kind. That’s not what I should be concerned about. The problem is, from now on, just try to maintain the relationship between doctor and patient.”
/“If you think so, that’s the best.” Klein agreed from the bottom of his heart, and then asked casually, “What happened to Will Asceptin’s left leg at that time?”
“There was a strange tumor on his left calf, which happened to form a ring shape and severely compressed the blood vessels.” Dr. Allen recalled, “But the child didn’t show any pain, he just looked a little scared. We initially I wanted to treat him conservatively, but his condition deteriorated rapidly.”
City of Silver.
Derrick Berg didn’t know how he got home, he only remembered the unspeakable fear.
Compared with the past, the character and performance of Darkrikins are not much different, but there are indeed disturbing changes. Derrick is afraid that the Silver City is being targeted by the evil god “Fallen Creator”, and is afraid that he has not yet become The “sun” saved Silver City from a curse that lasted for more than two thousand years and gave hope and sunshine to the residents here, even though it had been completely destroyed.
At this moment, he hated that he was not strong enough and was only Sequence 8.
He couldn’t just watch Derrick standing up suddenly, preparing to rush to the round tower, telling the other elders of the “Six-person Council” and “Chief” Colin Iliad about the abnormality he discovered.
/But Derrick knows very well that similar anomalies are not suspicious at all. Every time they explore the depths of darkness, the members must be in a state of high tension for several days, more than ten days, or even more than a month. It is really You may encounter powerful or weird monsters anytime and anywhere.
In addition, an uninhabited desolate and hopeless journey will bring extreme depression. In addition, for safety reasons, members of the exploration team are not allowed to have sexual outlets during the outing stage, which makes every exploration they experience , there may be a certain reshaping of the soul. If we encounter a huge danger where more than half of the team members are killed or injured, it is not too uncommon for the remaining people’s personalities to change drastically.
The only treatment for such people is isolation and treatment according to routine, with few exceptions.
Silver City h