did they die suddenly on the spot, with their flesh and blood disintegrating.

The probability of success for such an attempt is one in a thousand, one in ten thousand, or even lower. With the potion system in place, no one is willing to take such a big risk.
“If that’s the case, Kavitua was indeed very lucky. Of course, it also had a strong and strong body. However, it seems that its intelligence has not improved much, and it can deceive its faith. It has never discovered that there is another person on Simim Island. Elven ruins, and are closely related to the ruins where it hides
“After Laticia and the others took away the Book of Natural Disasters, the ruins collapsed, causing changes in the Kavitua hideout, making it unable to survive. This could explain why Laticia and the others succeeded relatively easily. , there were no rebels or Poseidon believers guarding it, and it wasn’t until something happened that Kavitua discovered the problem and realized that the two ruins were related.”
Based on the idea just now, Klein tried to explain what he was confused about in the whole matter.
And this includes why the dying “Poseidon” Kavitua didn’t let believers become the carrier. This can reduce many accidents and make things simpler. With the brutality displayed by Kavitua, this choice should be made as a matter of course.
The answer that Klein came up with was that the body Kavitua wanted to pollute and occupy must have a certain amount of elven blood. Only in this way can it withstand the transfer of extraordinary characteristics to a certain extent.
When he came into contact, because of the gray mist and his own specialness, Kavitua suddenly found a better target.
As soon as Klein cleared his mind, Ireland caught up with the two of them and said with a smile:
“The target has been found and the investigation is over. I will send you back to the hotel first and wait two days before bringing the reward. Also, it is best not to go out today.
Klein maintained the attitude Gehrman Sparrow should have and only nodded slightly without responding.
On the way back to the “Azure Wind” hotel, Daniz obviously had doubts or sighs that he wanted to express, but due to the presence of military personnel Ireland next to him, he could only change the topic and discuss with interest which pirates would be there today. He was arrested in this city-wide investigation.
For him, as long as those guys don’t belong to the “Golden Dream”, they are not friends and do not deserve sympathy at all.
After entering the hotel room and watching Ireland leave, he closed the door and clicked his tongue:
“The ancient elves’ ruins of the book of natural disasters are really interesting. However, how come the elves are like demons? They just took their books and flipped through them at will. That woman went crazy and lost control.”
/What image of an elf is in your mind, a creature that is active in the mountains, forests and seas, is good at cooking, and loves nature? According to Little “Sun”, the eight ancient gods before the cataclysm w