plate with no condiments left, Klein stood up and walked to the door.

Before he grasped the handle, he already knew that Dr. Allen was outside.
Don’t you even have to go to work? Klein muttered, reaching out and opening the door.
“Good morning, Allen, the fog is gray today.” He said with a smile.
Allen still had the same cold expression, but he was a little more anxious and fearful.
He pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses, ignored the greetings, and said straightforwardly:
/“Sherlock, I dreamed about Will Ascetin again.”
Ah, Klein was almost stunned.
Isn’t that right? The genuine paper crane is here, above the gray fog, and the paper crane I folded is at the Nighthawk’s place. You can still dream about Will even if you bring an inferior paper crane folded by the Nighthawk. Ascetin, this is not scientific, no, this is not mystical. Klein suddenly became serious and asked immediately:
“It’s still the same dream as before”
“No, it’s not that scary this time.” Allen calmed down a little, “I dreamed about Green Cemetery. You know Green Cemetery, right?”
“I know.” Klein replied concisely.
Outside the Green Cemetery, he caught a group of spiritual dance students and a occult enthusiast named Kapusti, and obtained another copper whistle that could summon a messenger from the latter.
Allen took a breath of cold air and continued:
“I dreamed about the woods outside Green Cemetery. I dreamed about a birch tree with a ring of bark off its waist. Will Asceptin was sitting under this tree, looking at me quietly.”
“Then what?” Klein asked.
Allen shook his head: “The dream ends here.”
What a strange thing. Could it be that Dr. Allen’s dream had nothing to do with the paper crane? If it had nothing to do with it, the dream would not have changed after the paper crane was replaced. Moreover, I also used that paper crane above the gray fog. Only Thousand Paper Cranes have done divination and received corresponding revelations. Klein considered it and said:
“This is no longer within the scope of my understanding. Allen, what do you want to do with me?”
Allen’s hot breath drifted into white mist in the air: “I want to take a look outside the Green Cemetery, right now, during the day. Can you protect me? I will pay the commission fee, 1 pound.”
Now go explore the scenes that appeared in your dreams. You shouldn’t encounter anything too weird during the day. Klein thought for a moment and said, “I can accept this commission, but I suggest you go to the church first and tell the story about the dream.” The bishop you know well.”
Allen said “hmm”, and then said with some confusion: “Why do you always suggest me to go to church? I know, you have explained before, in a very logical way, if there is a magical power, it can always dominate the human world. The church must be the force with the strongest magical power. If not, then going to the church can at least get psychological comfort and corresponding network resources. However, it is not too strange, why do you suggest that I go to the church?”
Klein thought for two seco