uld only control the second-level Zerg.

The one in front of him was a level four Zerg, and David had no confidence in controlling the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’.
But David wanted to give it a try. If he didn’t take such a good opportunity, he would definitely regret it in the future.
From the wall of the Soul Fortress, he induced the ‘Bewitching Pattern’ that had been nurtured for a long time. This ‘Bewitching Pattern’ had not been used since the last time the Soul Fortress evolved, and had been nurtured here.
The ‘Bewitching Pattern’ flew out of David’s soul, flew into the green blood pool, and sank into the head of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’.
The ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ only has an empty soul shell, which is the work of the fifth-level Zerg ‘Half Spider Queen’, and the ‘Half Spider Queen’ also left an order to make the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ easier to control.
Without this order, even if David uses the ‘Bewitching Pattern’, he will not be able to affect this empty soul shell, because this is the soul shell of the fourth-level Zerg, and its level has long been beyond the control range of the ‘Bewitching Pattern’ .
/The ‘bewitching pattern’ absorbs the energy in the empty soul shell. The ‘bewitching pattern’ gets bigger and bigger, and finally fills the entire soul shell.
There has never been a ‘Bewitching Pattern’ that can grow with the soul energy of a fourth-level Zerg. The final result of this growth is something that even the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ cannot imagine.
David, who was standing by the blood pool, was very anxious. As he was pacing back and forth, a soul connection appeared in his soul.
Following the soul connection, David sensed a huge soul space, in which there was a ‘bewitchment pattern’ that occupied the entire soul space.
The color of this ‘bewitching pattern’ appears golden, and it continuously emits light, making people feel extremely sacred when looking at it.
The soul space of the fourth-level Zerg was beyond David’s imagination. There was nothing in this soul space except the newly added ‘bewitchment pattern’, and it was completely empty.
The ‘Bewitching Pattern’ connects the entire soul space through the light it emits, which gives David the feeling that he can control the soul at will.
David’s mind moved, and he began to manipulate the soul space through the ‘Bewitching Pattern’. As he thought, the green blood in the blood pool began to roll, and then a huge figure staggered out of the blood pool.
The ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ stood in front of David. The space in this secret room was quite large, but after the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ left the blood pool, it almost filled the remaining space.
Even though the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ was completely controlled by David, he still felt frightened by the fact that such a powerful creature was standing in front of him.
David stretched out his hand and gently touched the shell of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’. The completely black shell was very hard, and because it had just left the blood pool, there was still some green blood