old out, but even the production orders were pushed back to a month later. But these are all businesses, and there is absolutely no “weapon”.

It was impossible to defend himself. Even the stubborn Sith Baron obeyed obediently, and Hudson didn’t even dare to stand up.
Just scold me, you won’t lose a piece of meat anyway. The accounts are all recorded first, and when the Dalton family encounters bad luck one day, everyone is slowly calculating.
It is never too late for Hudson to take revenge. Anyway, he is younger than Earl Pierce. As long as he pays attention to maintenance, he will definitely have the opportunity to bungee jump on Pierce’s grave in the future.
Fortunately, the number of nobles who were put on the list was quite large. Whether they were children of northern Xinjiang nobles or local nobles, they were all taken care of. Nobles with almost any strength enjoyed the treatment of being singled out and criticized.
It can be seen that strength and ability to cause trouble are directly proportional. If you don’t have any strength and dare to do it, you must have been taught how to be a human being long ago.
After the reprimand was over, Hudson was surprised to find that Count Pierce did not mention the parties involved in the incident. Obviously, this doesn’t mean it’s over.
Whether it was intentional homicide or accidentally beating someone to death, it was a human life lawsuit involving a noble.
If you don’t bring it up for discussion on the spot, you are preparing to deal with it coldly. But the final result will definitely not be simple, otherwise the Northern Xinjiang nobles who lost their teammates will not let it go.
After suffering through Earl Pierce’s “political class”, all the nobles, including Hudson, felt like they were surviving a disaster.
The Governor knew too much, but this guy still spoke unabashedly and said it directly in front of everyone without any scruples.
If it weren’t for the disparity in status and strength, everyone would probably be tempted to kill and silence them.
It was fine at the beginning, it was nothing more than being criticized by name. As long as you have a thick skin, then everything will not be a problem.
But as he sprayed, the style of painting began to change, and gradually evolved into a black history exposure, causing many nobles to die on the spot.
Including the private transactions between Hudson and his neighbors. Although the specific details were not directly explored, the facts of the transactions were exposed.
Fortunately, Hudson has always been relatively calm. He only made a few low-key transactions and did not have much dark history to dig out.
In the scene where the thunder was rolling, there were enough hot spots to attract people’s attention, but this trivial matter was quickly ignored by everyone.
/Facts have once again proved that the level of moral standards depends entirely on the support of peers. Compared with a group of violent nobles, doing business with neighbors is nothing at all, even if the goods being traded are a bit speci