he greatest burden on spirituality is the “Paper Man Standing Method”, followed by creating “Holy Sun Water” through a brooch, but it was not used tonight, and the third one is “Summoning Holy Light” and “Fire Jump”. Klein yawned. , using meditation to get rid of the state of being too tired but highly tense and unable to fall asleep.

In less than ten seconds, he entered the dreamland, and various fragmented scenes appeared alternately.
In the open space surrounded by the abandoned warehouse, the “Mechanical Heart” came and went, and came again. The person responsible for this incident had changed from the team leader to a deacon-level powerhouse.
Bernard Ikanse’s brown hair was always messy and stretched out stubbornly. Even if he wore a hat, he could not hide this.
So much so that many members of the “Mechanical Heart” secretly joked that the deacon might be using a bomb to get his hair cut.
At this moment, Ikonse, who had a firm and clear face, was holding a silver mirror with an ancient pattern.
There are eye-like decorations on each side of the mirror. They are based on black gemstones and look deep and charming.
Ikanser looked around and said:
“Although the rats in the sewers are experts at interfering with divination and channeling, and have effectively dealt with the scene, this is a mysterious and extraordinary world, and no method can guarantee 100% success.”
As he spoke, he looked at the silver mirror in his hand and touched the surface three times with his right palm.
After a two-second pause, Ikanser took a deep breath and said in a deep voice:
“Dear Arrods, my question is, who were the participants in what just happened here?”
The surrounding darkness suddenly became dense, and streaks of water appeared on the surface of the silver mirror.
Soon, a picture appeared in the silver mirror:
In the rising firelight, there was a figure floating in the air. He was wearing a black double-breasted gown and a half-high silk top hat. His figure was twisted and unstable, his face was so blurry that it was difficult to see clearly, and he was also painted with oil paint.
Under his feet, tongues of fire shot up, engulfing him.
As the water flashed, the scene changed, and a middle-aged man wearing a dark red cloak appeared. His arms were burning with bright flames, but his head was hidden in the darkness.
Scene after scene alternated, and Ikanse and others saw a woman in a complicated black palace dress and messy light blond hair. However, her face was completely transparent, as if she did not exist.
Next to this lady were two men whose bodies were covered with black hair, their backs being pulled by strange arms.
/Finally, the change ended, and the scene was fixed on a picture of bunches of flames roaring into the sky, “fireworks” blooming brilliantly, and light shining everywhere.
In such a dreamy scene, the man wearing a black double-breasted gown appeared again.
His body twisted and stretched laterally, facing forward, holding his chest with the hand holding the top hat, bowed slightly, and salu