nt of him, a half-burned candle stood. The dim and dim flame illuminated the surrounding items and the surface of the long table, making light and shadow float and cast shadows.

Alger’s hair was as messy as seaweed, and the color was deep blue and almost black. He was wearing a robe embroidered with lightning patterns. He clasped his hands, thumbs facing each other, and leaned forward to stare at a bottle of pitch-black liquid to the left of the candle.
Woo woo woo
Blah blah blah blah
From time to time, the sound of the howling wind came from the sealed bottle, and sometimes the sound of the surging sea was heard. Where the dark liquid had not been submerged, a faint mist filled the air and squirmed, as if it had grown eyes and mouths.
Alger glanced sideways at the clock on the wall and saw that the hour hand was pointing to three o’clock.
He pinched his temples, his eyes suddenly darkened, and the various utensils on the table also had a subtle sheen.
At this moment, he discovered that the crimson light emerged like a tide, emerging out of thin air and drowning him in one fell swoop.
Backlund, Queens, inside the Hall’s luxurious villa.
After sending away the dance teacher, Audrey locked the door and sat upright in front of the dressing table.
The sun is shining brightly outside the window, and the flowers are blooming. A blank notebook bound with light brown delicate parchment is quietly spread out on the table. On the right side of it, there is a pen with a golden tip and a body inlaid with red gems.
Audrey gave it a try and made sure that as soon as she left the “party”, she could pick up the pen and record the formula as quickly as possible.
“I’m really looking forward to it.” She took a breath, suppressed her excitement, pursed her lips and looked at the mirror.
However, she could not see herself reflected, only the deep red and illusory light erupted from all around and from within her body at the same time.
Above the gray mist, there is a temple that is as majestic as the residence of the Giant King.
Deep red blossoms bloomed on both sides of the long bronze table, rising and falling like a fountain, “sculpting” two blurry figures, their positions unchanged from the last time.
/Audrey, who has smooth blond hair and is tall, instinctively looked up and saw a figure shrouded in thick gray mist sitting back, one hand flat, touching the edge of the table, the other hand clasped, gently twirling her chin.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Fool” Audrey shouted in a brisk tone.
Then, she turned her head, looked across, and spoke in the same tone:
“Good afternoon, Mr. Hanged Man”
This girl is really heartless. She just confirmed that I am a good person and is not afraid at all. The well-protected aristocratic girl Klein smiled and maintained her inscrutable image and said:
“Good afternoon, Miss Justice.”
While speaking, he lowered his head slightly, raised his empty left hand, and tapped it twice between his eyebrows.
What he saw was instantly different. He saw the auras radiating from “Justice” and “The Hang