Ignoring the sadness and finishing the work, Hudson returned to his tent to take stock of the harvest.
There is nothing to be ashamed of. Hiding trophies is not his exclusive patent. Almost all the officers and soldiers participating in the war can do it, as long as they are not discovered.
Opening a box, it was all filled with potions, and then opening another box, it was still full of potions, which made Hudson almost have a mental breakdown.
He did not dare to use mysterious potions with unknown efficacy, not even to trade them.
His intuition told him that these things were not good products. The appearance of boxes one after another made Hudson wonder whether the continent of Aslant had entered the industrial age.
You can sense it from the aura it emits. This is high-end goods. For knights and magicians, they are rare treasures. Hudson really couldn’t understand why the Holy See would give such treasures to the rebels.
He has a high nose, a small face, good skin, a big chest, a round waist and a curvy figure. His whole body is full of “cuteness”. At a glance, you can tell that he is a proper noble among bears.
If it weren’t for the lack of dark circles under the eyes, black ears, black limbs, black scarf, and the limited-edition brown skin, Hudson would have thought it was a beast sitting in jail.
I don’t know if the panda cheated on him or the brown bear cheated on him, but Hudson didn’t think it was a serious bear.
Based on his pitiful knowledge and combined with some legends, Hudson finally determined that this guy was the famous Earth Bear.
It is really difficult for people to connect the legendary king of land and the cute beast in front of them.
Perhaps the magic potion had expired, or perhaps he had slept enough. The Earth Bear woke up, stretched out, took a look at the surrounding environment, rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and then stared at Hudson with an angry look. .
Before Hudson could react, a voice broke into his mind: “Human, I know it’s you who did it! Send your Uncle Bear Stearns back quickly, or I’ll treat you as a snack!”
Mental communication is an innate talent of high-level monsters, and their IQ is no worse than that of humans. The legendary holy beast can even communicate directly with humans.
/If it weren’t for the numerous races of Warcraft, each one a link in the food chain, with constant internal killings and no way to unify, I’m afraid the continent’s overlords wouldn’t be able to turn to humans.
Looking at the charming bear waving its claws in front of him, Hudson didn’t find it cute at all.
/The King of the Continent is not called for nothing, even if it is just a Warcraft cub, it is not something a little knight like Hudson can deal with.
Without too much hesitation, Hudson hurriedly said: “Dear Mr. Bear Stearns, welcome to my military camp as a guest. But do you really not remember how you got here?”
As if something had occurred to him, after taking stock of the surrounding environment, the cute bear, who was originally preparing to teach the humans in f