ction of sugar in the Aslant continent is extremely limited, the price is more expensive than gold, and it is usually reserved for nobles.

It was Hudson who first proposed allowing sugar to enter the army and serve as a strategic material.
But the kingdom’s sugar production is too low. The Mountain Territory’s annual output of 3,000 pounds accounts for one-tenth of the Alpha Kingdom’s.
It’s not that Hudson didn’t work hard, it was actually that the sugar-making process was not up to par. The total output is stuck. Even if we take food from the nobles, it will not be enough for the soldiers.
In the Emerald Palace, after the fall of the Principality of Canterlot, the Principality of Usta and the Principality of Fike asked for help, and soon appeared in front of Caesar IV.
“This is simply unreasonable!”
Faced with Caesar IV’s roar, the ministers sat upright, fearing that they would accidentally attract the firepower of their own king.
Smart people all know that Caesar IV’s gaffe was not just the two letters asking for help, but also the fact that he had been too frustrated in recent days.
Since the outbreak of the Continental War, Caesar IV’s power has been squeezed by the military.
No matter how dissatisfied it is, it is useless. All the major forces in the country, including the royal family, have reached an agreement that the king will not be allowed to interfere in the military.
Due to internal pressure, Caesar IV could only choose to endure. You can comfort yourself by thinking about the overall situation for a day or two. No one can bear the depression for a long time!
Unconsciously, Caesar IV’s temper also increased day by day. It’s just that he hides it very well during normal times and is rarely exposed to outsiders.
The letters of request for help from the Principality of Usta and the Principality of Fike became the spark that set off the powder keg.
After venting his anger, Caesar IV calmed down and gradually became peaceful. No matter how angry you are, you have to face reality.
/Usta and Fick would never have been able to do such a thing unless they were forced to the wall. Surrender is easy to say but extremely difficult to practice.
The continental war is in a stalemate. The human race and the alien alliance have their own advantages and disadvantages. No one can judge the final outcome.
In this situation, being on the wrong team can be very fatal. In the event that the human race is completely victorious, Qiu Hou will calculate the score and no one who surrendered to the foreign race will even think about running away.
“Your Majesty, the Principality of Usta and the Principality of Fike wrote such letters, most likely because they were stimulated by the destruction of the Principality of Canterlot and acted impulsively.
After calming down, the top leaders of the two countries should make rational choices.
The war has progressed to this point, and both sides are stained with each other’s blood. The unforgettable hatred has been forged, and it will not be so easy to untie.