‘s him. He is at your home.”

‘s him. He is at your home.”
When she said this, I was not surprised, but my face sank and I kept looking. Looking at her, I lowered my voice and asked, “Did he tell you that?”
Ma Liyang’s daughter nodded stupidly. Looking at her stupid look, I suddenly felt extremely disgusted. I looked at her even more sullenly, until I finally said to her: “I almost got deceived by you.”
She pretended not to hear at all and was not distracted at all, but my expression was not at all. Relieved, I said: “You don’t have to pretend, you have not been drugged at all, and you have not become stupid. You are just trying your best to imitate the appearance of a mental patient.” When she heard me say this
, her eyes finally began to change, and gradually became As I know her so well, I looked at the girl in front of me who was only in her teens. What kind of person could become so scheming at such an age? I remember that when I was in my teens, I was still innocent and romantic. When he was young, he didn’t know anything else but how to play. This person’s awareness of people was really too great. Diao Jie side row.
She said: “You still noticed it. But it’s good, I don’t have to keep pretending anymore.” When I
heard her voice, I don’t know when her voice had changed. It seemed different from what I heard before. It was the same, so I looked at her. She knew my doubts and finally said: “You really think I’m only ten years old. Why don’t you think about it? A teenage kid can pretend to be crazy, act stupid, and dance with a knife.” Is it possible that you, a group of adults, are being fooled by a gun?”
I shook my head, and she said, “When you shake your head, do you mean that you have had doubts?”
I said, “I have no doubts, just doubts, doubts. How could a teenage child become like this? But now I hear your voice and I seem to understand. How could the Ma Liyang couple have a daughter as old as you? You are not related to them by blood, are you?” She smiled
and said nothing. , I looked at her and suddenly seemed to understand something. I said: “You killed Ma Liyang’s wife. You made her drink pesticide. You were there at the time. I have been thinking about a question. Why can you look at me so calmly?” Your brother was killed so cruelly, why did Ma Liyang do those heinous things to you, and why did Su Jingnan do that to you? In fact, all the things were not what they forced you to do, but what you were willing to do. But in your words and in the video, you played yourself as a victim, or even a girl who became mentally disturbed because of this, just to escape our investigation.”
I suddenly realized this what’s going on. Some of the mysteries that had been intertwined in my mind began to have answers. I said: “I should have thought of it a long time ago. I should have thought of something unusual when you threatened Duan Qing and shot her.”
Girl. Said: “It’s not too late to think about it now. At least it’s not the worst time yet.”
I asked: “What is the worst time?”
/The girl said: “You really don’t know? I remembe