that’s okay. The most important thing is that I regain my freedom, although I can no longer contact these cases in the office during this period.

that’s okay. The most important thing is that I regain my freedom, although I can no longer contact these cases in the office during this period.
I made a request. Since my suspicion has been basically eliminated, can the mobile phone I dropped at the scene be returned to me? Zhang Ziang and Fan Zhen had said that originally it could not be returned as evidence, but since Zhang Ziang had already told Fan Zhen about this, and Fan Zhen asked the police station to return it to me.
I got my phone, and I felt like I had found it again. After I got it, I immediately checked it to see if Peng Jiakai had done anything on my phone. Everything looked normal until I saw something unusual. where he frowned deeply.
The only unusual thing about this is that it is in the address book of the mobile phone, because there is an extra contact in it, and it is a completely unfamiliar contact. I don’t think it was added by me, because I have no impression at all, and this person’s The name is Dong Binhong.
I was in the hospital when I was reading this. After recording the confession, Zhang Ziang took me to the hospital for bandage. None of them had seen the scene, only the scene of Yan Mingliang going crazy, so almost everyone thought I had a wound on my hand. It was Yan Mingliang who bit me, and I didn’t bother to explain, because if I had to explain to everyone clearly that it was me who bit me, wouldn’t I also become mentally ill?
In fact, it’s not that troublesome for me to see Fan Zhen. Even if I don’t ask to see him, Fan Zhen will meet me. When I see him, I just tell him what I saw. The reason why I want to abuse myself like this is because I I know that the murderer is watching me, and he must be watching in a very special way. It may be a situation that I can’t imagine now, but I know that he will definitely be watching at such an important moment.
/So I bit my arm to bleed just to show him. At the same time, I was also observing Yan Mingliang’s reaction. The shock I saw was not excitement. I felt that if the real murderer saw his prey mutilating himself in a desperate situation, It will definitely be extremely exciting.
/Of course, there were only two of us in the entire interrogation room at that time, and I couldn’t see anyone else’s expressions except him.
But I have an intuition that Yan Mingliang’s situation is probably similar to Hong Sheng’s. One of them is from the police station and the other is from the office. Thinking about it makes people shudder. How about a person who is responsible for chasing the murderer and bringing justice to the police? A righteous person has such a cruel and perverted face, who can not be afraid of him?
I told Zhang Ziang that I bit him myself. Zhang Ziang seemed to have guessed it. He said that if it was really Yan Mingliang who went crazy and bit him, the piece of meat on my arm would probably be gone by now. I heard something strange and looked at it. Zhang Ziang wanted to wait for him to say what he had not finished, but he said: “His perverted energy is much more tha