ne was behind the story.

Jealousy is an original sin.
Although Hudson gave up the opportunity to get close to Isabel, the hatred still persisted.
Of course, the greater possibility is that Melissa’s other suitors are responsible. Hudson is not the only one who has ideas about the Holliser family, there are definitely not a few people who want to marry.
Hudson can stand out. In addition to the mutual interests, his legendary experience is also a major plus.
Every time wars broke out with the orcs, the casualty rate of the nobles remained high. Nowadays, marriage is a gamble. If you are unlucky, you will be a widow.
Although the continent of Aslant does not exclude widows from remarrying, and even some families with few offspring will select widows who can bear children, they are only a minority after all.
For most aristocratic men and women, their marriages will be lowered to a lower level after they become widowed.
Not to mention gambling, the ratio of men to women will be seriously imbalanced after every war. A large number of noble ladies cannot find a partner and have no choice but to become nuns.
For families, giving up the alliance brought by in-law relationships is undoubtedly a waste of resources.
It’s all gambling anyway, so naturally you have to choose the bet with a high chance of winning.
There is no doubt that a lucky and powerful guy like Hudson is the first choice of every company.
“Oh, that’s better.”
“By the way, Hudson, last time you said you wanted to visit the library. It’s hard to come to the Magic Academy, why don’t you go and have a look?”
The poor acting skills concealed the embarrassment and naturally failed to hide it from Hudson’s eyes.
/It’s just that it’s rare to be confused about this kind of thing. As a single creature, he doesn’t want to cause any trouble in the marriage because of his upright personality.
As soon as he finished speaking, Hudson noticed something was wrong. It seemed that they had arrived at the entrance of the library.
The library of the Magic Academy is naturally full of magic. As an outsider, Hudson was blocked at the door.
/“Please pay the 50 gold coin admission fee!”
The sound of machinery sounded, and Hudson realized that the toll collector in front of him was actually a mechanical doll.
After taking a look at Melissa to make sure there was nothing wrong. Hudson paid directly.
“Welcome to the Alpha Kingdom Magic Academy Library, please abide by all the rules in the library! Violators will be responsible for the consequences!”
The warning sound sounded, and a huge sign appeared in front, which recorded various rules that needed to be followed. There were dozens of them.
“Detailed explanation of elementary earth magic spells, please pay 100 gold coins!”
“Detailed explanation of earth-based intermediate magic spells, please pay 300 gold coins!”
“Detailed explanation of advanced earth magic spells, please pay 800 gold coins!”
“Detailed explanation of the basic knowledge of magic circle, please pay 200 gold coins!”
“Introduction to alche