Dunn shook his head helplessly and said:
“She likes maids, well, that’s right, and she likes, likes, big breasts.”
“She is really a strange person.” Klein didn’t know what expression to use to face her.
Dunn didn’t waste any more time and walked toward the guard room. Klein looked at his back and waited quietly for him to turn around.
At the same time, from the corner of his eye, he saw “Sleepless Man” Cornley taking out his pocket watch and turning it on.
Three, two, one. As soon as Klein finished counting silently, Dunn stopped, half-turned around and said:
“I forgot one more thing, Klein. You have experienced too much today. You will definitely feel tired after relaxing. There is no need to stay here in the afternoon. Go back and have a good rest. Tomorrow, I will submit an application tomorrow and list the losses in detail.”
“Well, don’t pay special attention to killing the Extraordinary. By killing him, you will save more people.”
“Actually, I’m feeling much better.” Klein breathed out silently.
Dunn nodded slightly, and just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly tapped his forehead and said:
“Also, I have given the portrait of the extraordinary man to Leonard and asked him and the police department to be responsible for the follow-up investigation. I think that the extraordinary man will definitely ride a carriage and enjoy food in Tingen City, and he will definitely A place to live.”
“Everyone who passes by will leave traces. What Emperor Russell said is indeed very reasonable.”
“Yes.” Klein replied numbly.
When the captain left, he also left the duty room and walked slowly to the second floor.
On the way, he suddenly thought of something, which made him feel a little more frightened:
“The Tuxedo Clown claims that the Secret Order has mastered the sequence path corresponding to the diviner. Even if this is an exaggeration, they actually do not have high-sequence formulas, and there is certainly no shortage of low-sequence formulas.”
“That is to say, they have many diviners.”
“Would it be possible to divine the Tuxedo Clown who killed me and take revenge secretly?”
“You can’t deal with the Nighthawks, and you can’t deal with me, a diviner who doesn’t have any direct means of defeating the enemy.”
Klein stopped on the stairs and thought about this problem seriously. He soon realized that he was just worrying:
He breathed a sigh of relief, left the Blackthorn Security Company, and took a public carriage back to Daffodil Street.
Although he had eaten nothing for lunch, he still lacked appetite at this time.
Klein entered the bedroom, first took off his damaged formal clothes and half-high silk hat, then lay down on the bed and tried to get some sleep.
/His thoughts were still active, and he seemed unable to relax, but what was repeated in his mind was no longer the scene of shooting the tuxedo clown, but the scene when he moved the body, but the creepy feeling.
He lost a lot of the discomfort of killing someone for the first time, but had a little more nausea that would make him